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Dr. Donald Robbins and Dr. Kathleen Boyle

Protecting Your Health – Root Canal Treatment: What Actually Works. How to Reduce 75% of Your Pain with Gout. Does Vitamin D Make Bones Stronger? Pets Can Die If They Eat This Common Ingredient. Does Pilates Reduce Lower Back Pain. Irritable Bowel Food Shows Symptom Relief

Dr. Robbins would rather have his tooth out than have most root canal treatments done on him! BUT what type of root canal treatment DOES he use and why is that one safe and actually works?

Eat this food and your gout pain reduces over 75%. Does Vitamin D increase bone density and strength? Find out what the recommended dosage is to preserve your calcium.

PetSide: Keep this common ingredient found in most homes away from your pet. It is severely poisonous and can kill your pet in a day!

Does exercise and Pilates actually reduce symptoms of lower back pain? Listen and help your back!

This food will cause reduction in all symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It will cause you to have less pain and bloating, and improve your quality of life in only 4 months.