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Talk for Food – Will the Real ‘God Particle’ Please Stand Up?

The 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded recently to François Englert and Peter Higgs, who first theorized the possible existence of the “boson.”

While the scientific community congratulates itself on this so-called “discovery,” at a cost of over $10 billion USD, there is little agreement over what has actually been discovered, what it means, and what possible benefit it might have to humanity, with the exception of an excuse to build even larger, more expensive colliders with which to “smash” atoms.

For this reason you’ll find Adam’s guest, Judy Beebe, all the more compelling. In her book, The Hydrogen Cipher, Ms. Beebe culls over twenty years of research, through ancient and modern texts, as well with the help of extra-physical experiences (encounters with Nikola Tesla and others), to present a scientifically compelling case that Hydrogen, whose atomic number, as designated by science, is 1, is the real God Particle.

The only atom on the periodic table that does not have a neutron, Hydrogen appears to be the presence and agent of God in the physical world, facilitating the formation of all form, as it travels at the speed of thought.

For all the hoopla and expense associated with the award and research, scientists can point to very little, if anything, that could be improved in the world today by finding this piece of “God,” if that was/is what it is.

Such is not the case with this week’s guest. Ms. Beebe didn’t simply record her journey into the symbologies and clues to unlock the secrets of the ancients. She also came up with a formula and methodology to mix hydrogen, oxygen, and water, to create a source of benign, self-sustaining energy.

Yes, benign, meaning non-toxic.

Self-sustaining. Once started, it doesn’t stop, unless you stop it.

Non-explosive. No chance of explosion or detonation. It’s not volatile, or dangerous in any way.
Yet, attempting to raise $150,000 via crowd funding to fund a demonstration of the power and efficacy of her formula, she succeeded in raising all of $225.

You see the quandary here? $10 billion sent down a rabbit hole to smash atoms, in search for confirmation of a theory of dubious value, one that scientists still aren’t in agreement as to its significance.

Yet, a lone, dedicated seeker of understanding and beneficial change for Humanity and Planet Earth, finds it, but few notice.

Well, Adam did.

This is the first of a series of recorded conversations that Adam had with Ms. Beebe.