2012 Higher Love

Parent Well in our Digital World

Gloria DeGaetano

Parent Well in our Digital World – Setting Screen Limits with Strong-Willed Kids

Part One: Guest Interview

Gloria, founder of The Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) and author of Parenting Well in a Media Age, talks with PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Karen Bierdeman. Karen who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has been a PCI Certified Parent Coach® since 2005. In addition to parenting her two girls, she has taught both special education, first grade, as well as at the community college. And, she has been a PCI instructor for seven years. In her coaching practice, The Guilt Free Mom Karen helps moms who are stressed, overwhelmed, and feel guilty with trying to parent intense, strong-willed children. Over the years, she has helped many parents to bring out the best in themselves and their children, even amidst the challenges that come with parenting an intense child. She knows from coaching parents and being a parent herself, that setting limits around using technology with strong-willed kids can be difficult. However, she also knows that it is possible to do so, even when it’s not easy.

In this podcast Karen and Gloria discuss that setting screen limits is hard enough. With a child who is prone to rebel against boundaries, is more likely to experience intense emotions, and challenges much of what you say and do, it can be even more stressful.

Tune in and listen for answers to these critically important questions:ow can we reduce that stress and support ourselves when setting limits around using technology with strong-willed kids?

• How can we set successful limits with them, when limits are not what they want?

Karen shares specific, practical ideas, with an emphasis on:

• taking care of yourself first
• staying calm in the heat of the moment
• being clear ahead of time what limits you want to set
• setting those limits in ways that are clear, assertive, and respectful, and practicing your possible responses ahead of time
• focusing on what’s working to set those limits and doing more of what is working
• implementing small steps can lead to big impacts
• keeping sense of humor
• maintaining realistic expectations
• setting boundaries with parental voice of authority

Part Two: The Parent Coaching Corner™

I am coaching Lindsey, mom of two daughters, Charlie, age 5.5 and Olive, age, 2.5. Lindsey is working to provide a balanced approach to screen technologies for her girls.

Lindsey is in the midst of her Action Plan and she is coming up with excellent activities for helping the girls develop a strong foundation for digital literacy. She is very intentional about providing activities that support their reading/writing and overall creativity which are the starting points for self-identity as a learner.

Tune in to hear what great ideas she came up with this week. Listen to the previous five podcasts to catch up with Lindsey!