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Prosper Now! – Bringing Your Book to Life

Could actually writing that story or book that’s been rattling around inside of you make a difference in your career and your life? Could it be the start of something amazing, making you the sought after expert? Have you ever wanted to see your book made into a movie?

That may all sound like a pipe dream, but Robert Hammond, author of The Light, turned that dream into a reality, and he joins me today to tell you how he went from being down and out to being a sought after expert to having one of his books made into a movie. Join us to find out how to turn your quiet dream of your very own book into a loud reality!

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Whole Life Prosperity is all about confidence this week. And just a head’s up…I recorded this on the wrong day, so I’m promoting Robert’s show at the end of this segment. I haven’t lost me mind, just some scheduling confusion. I trust you’ll not hold it against me! For more fun in your life, come join me when I’m speaking in your area…I promise you this, it won’t be dull!!

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