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Time Management Radio – Jordan Rich, Show Host, WBZ Radio Boston, Voice-Over Actor, Speaker: How to Stay Inspired During Difficult Times of Struggle & Loss


At some point, we all face ups and downs and struggle with personal or professional loss. Challenging times can test our character, our convictions, our faith and our beliefs. How we manage our time during difficult transitions, struggles and loss can make the difference between becoming paralyzed or staying inspired to move forward.

My guest is Jordan Rich, a fixture on radio and TV for more than 35 years. He’s the host of the Jordan Rich Show, A CBS Affiliate on Boston’s WBZ News Radio 1030 am.
During our interview, we discuss:

• How to manage your time so you can get it all done and still live a full life
• Jordan’s specific time management tips & strategies to organize your time so you can stay focused on your goals & what’s really important
• What to do when life throws you a curve ball
• Inspiration during difficult times of struggle & loss

The Jordan Rich Show is heard all over the US and world-wide on the internet. Over the years Jordan has won numerous community awards for his work.

Along with his on-air work, Jordan is the co-founder and co-owner of Chart Productions, offering audio production, marketing, and voice-over services. Over the years, Jordan and his business partner have trained dozens of talented performers.

As a skilled inspirational speaker, Jordan serves as a master of ceremonies and auctioneer at dozens of events. He works with The American Cancer Society, The American Heart Association, The Gary Sinese Foundation, Learning Disabilities Worldwide and countless others. He’s most proud of his continuing work on behalf of the Boston’s Children’s Hospital, having raised well over a quarter million dollars. 

You can learn more about Jordan on his website and tune into Jordan live, on WBZ Radio 1030 Boston on weekends at midnight.

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