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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life

Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – How To Reduce The Stress That Denies You Success

Blocked Energy Blocks Your Success. This is something today’s guest shared that got show host Shannon Bush really thinking about success and what gets in the way of us expereincing it in a different way. Have you realised that something other than your lack of time, skills, training and resources could be getting in the way of you experiencing the success you’ve got positioned in the centre of your vision board or at the top of your long term goals for you business and life?

Today’s guest Sarah Cleghorn joins Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach for a really interesting conversation about the blocks that get in the way of your success and most importantly what to do about them. As Sarah says, just like traffic jams, blocked arteries and stagnant water, blocked energy in our meridian system and subtle energetic body causes problems. Blocked energy turns into anxiety or limiting beliefs which then become self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour and a sense of being STUCK!

Sarah Cleghorn from Tapping Into Your Genius coaches individuals from around the world through periods of transition using cutting-edge energy psychology tools as the mechanism of the shift. As she says, blocked energy blocks your success. Sarah is on a bit of a mission to help people erradicate the blocks in their lives which would include blocks that affect their businesses or careers. As an added bonus you can apply to trial what Sarah teaches here.

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