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Parenting With Playdate Planet

Meryl Neiman

Parenting With Playdate Planet – All You Need to Know About Playdates!

Vacation time is almost upon us. If you have children in school, pre-school, or day care, that can mean a lot of days off for them and a lot of time to fill you for you! Scheduling a few playdates may be your answer. On this week’s show, Multiple Mayhem Mamma Samantha Kemp-Jackson and I exchange our best strategies for handling all things playdate related. We cover everything from what questions to ask before you drop off your precious child to how to handle a misbehaving guest. After listening in, If you’re inspired to start planning some playdates, head on over and discover the future of playdate planning at my free site Playdate Planet. Once you experience the easy way to plan playdates, I promise your child won’t be without a playdate and you won’t have to waste time scheduling them, ever again! If you want more great playdate tips from Sam, or want to read the rest of her wonderful book of practical parenting advice, check out her ebook Meltdown in Aisle 5: Top Parenting Tips From Multiple Mayhem Mamma. It has the best of all her blog content and is an affordable, easy read.

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