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Donna’s Quantum Café – Magic

Magic. Can we all do it? And, is it possible to use it to “magically” heal ourselves and our animals, by-passing the medical and veterinary professions as well as the drug industry? Donna’s here to say “you bet”. There are infinite possibilities available to you, but you need to know they exist and how to access and use these tools. After all, one definition of magic is that it’s just “undiscovered science “. What was considered magic turned into science with the advent of homeopathy (Samuel Hahneman) and flying (just ask the Wright brothers). On this episode of Donna’s Quantum Café, Donna is interviewed by long-time friend and author Mary Ann Simonds as they explore the topic of vibrational therapies. Are they magic, or science? You be the judge. In the end, whether something works is the true measure of what’s “real”. You CAN take the power for healing back into our your hands. Let us share how.