Love and Relationships

Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – What Every Woman Should Know About HER Own Sexual Energy and Sexual Psychology

When you think about love and intimacy and sex …

• What do you know about your own sexual energy?
• What do you believe about sexual desire and sexually desiring another?
• Who is responsible to turn you on?
• How do you express yourself sexually and how comfortable are you?

This episode of Just Between Us focuses on adult themes and the conversation with my guest today will be frank and may not be suitable for young and adolescent children. If you have children around at this moment you might want to listen at a time when you can be in a private space and really immerse yourself in the conversation.
You’ve heard me say many times that Love is Not enough. That Love + Self-knowledge + Partner-knowledge + the Essential Relationship Success Skills = a Happy, Lasting Marriage.

While that is absolutely true, there is one exception: When it comes to your own sexuality, YOU are in charge and it is NOT a couple responsibility.
Each individual is responsible for tapping into his or her own sexual energy and having solid information about his or her own sexual psychology.
The whole area of human sexuality is complex and most people don’t have accurate information about any of it. Its no wonder that so many individuals struggle with expressing themselves sexually and too many couples struggle endlessly trying to create a satisfying sex life with each other throughout their married life.

My guest in this episode is Cris Mazza, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the author of over 17 books. Cris’s newest book is Something Wrong With Her, which is a memoir, a love-story, and an in depth exploration of her own sexuality as it specifically relates to her intimate relationships with men.
I am confident that, if nothing else, this episode of Just Between Us will provide some food for thought. And if you are a woman for whom having sex is not or has not been a deeply satisfying physical, emotional and spiritual experience, by the end of this episode you won’t feel like this is only your experience and every other woman in the world is having mad, passionate sex with their sexual partners; and this might be the beginning of being able to make some sense out of issues affecting you and some thoughtful ways to approach exploring how to bring a change to your experience.