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Larry Bilotta

Relationship Revelation – Thought Shredding-Clearing the way for happiness

Yes, it’s true… With very few exceptions, your childhood does decide your future. In my interview with Chris Elliott, author of the book “Thought Shredder, bringing out the bucker in you”. An interesting subtitle! So what is a bucker? A bucker live opposite their parents’ childhood programming. Like a bucking bronco, a bucker throws off those brain instructions we all receive in our first 10 years of life from our programmers. Chris Elliott is one of the greatest buckers I know. He comes from a physically abused childhood and the technique he is teaching gives you a way to remove that childhood pain from your life that can create havoc in your adult situations. If you have a pain filled childhood, becoming a thought shredder will save you a lot of grief. Listen to Chris as he shows us how.