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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – Dan Nelson, Hydration and the Love Water Foundation

This is the conclusion of Adam’s visit with Dan Nelson, quantum physicist and developer of a highly efficient hydration additive, which he terms “WayBack water.”

The importance and potential of hydration to health, and the nature of water are explored further as we begin to realize that water may very well represent the epitome of quantum possibility, where the term “less is more” may rule!

In the second half of the show, after the conclusion of the Dan Nelson interview, Adam introduces Jay Shoenberger, president and co-founder of the nascent Love Water Foundation. This is the first of many visits to come as a result of his almost month-long stay in Nashville, Tennessee.

To get the Love Water Foundation idea going, Schoenberger applied his 20+ years experience designing commercial water delivery systems onto a rolling form-factor. In this case, a panel truck that is outfitted to dispense his high-quality filtered water. It was christened, “MOBY” and termed a Mobile Hydration Vehicle.

After a number of conversations, Adam arranged to have a Rainmaker™ unit sent to the foundation, to be added as the final step, to energetically balance and enhance the water.

People are noticing the difference, and loving it!

You’ll be hearing more about the Love Water Foundation, which is still in its infancy, in future shows, but enjoy the passion and vision of Jay Schoenberger in this brief introduction.

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