Love and Relationships

Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – Stop Complaining and Start Spelling It Out For Your Man (And Yourself)

Have you noticed how dissatisfied many men and women are with their partners and their marriages? And how much complaining they do about each other?

It is always so curious to me that people don’t understand that if you are dissatisfied with events or people in your outside existential life it is because you are dissatisfied inside yourself; and that dissatisfaction inside is simply being reflected in your reality outside.

Figuring out what you need and want for yourself, and then speaking up and clearly articulating that to your partner is the first step in shifting dissatisfaction and creating joy, happiness ands deep satisfaction.

You’ve heard this so many times that you might have already tuned it out: Self-worth and self-confidence are the keys to being happy -inside yourself and with your partner!

Life and love are an inside job! Once you really get that all things are possible and you can change anything that is in the way of you creating the life and love life you want, you will be free to create and live your BEST life and love life.

My guest for this episode is Julieanne O’Connor, author of Start Spelling It Out For Your Man and a corporate spokesperson, author, actor, friend, wife and mother. After researching couples for over fifteen years on the secret to a happy relationship, Julieanne has extracted the keys of what appear to be the cause of today’s many unhappy marriages and failed attempts at love, and what to do to stop the cycle of misery and disappointment.