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Parent Well in our Digital World

Gloria DeGaetano

Parent Well in our Digital World – Keeping Parental Influence More Powerful Than Digital World Influence

Gloria DeGaetano, founder of The Parent Coaching Institute, and CEO of Parent Coach International talks with PCI Certified Parent Coach® Erin Taylor. Erin is a therapist who has spent fifteen years providing therapeutic services to children ages 5-18 and to their parents, along with case management to children and families on caseload. Now as a PCI Coach, Erin coaches parents through her coaching practice, aptly named for today’s conversation, Village Parent Coaching. Erin is a mother of four and she shares not only her professional expertise, but also her challenges and triumphs as a mom in this digital world.

“At our house ‘e’ doesn’t stand for e-mail or electronics, ‘e’ stands for eternity.”

~ Erin Taylor, PCI Certified Parent Coach®

With this quote, Erin demonstrates an important learning she provides to her children—that anything they put on social media or on the Internet is there for all time, for all to see. This is such a critical part of helping kids become wise and thoughtful users of their digital devices.

In this podcast, Erin shares two powerful stories about digital challenges with her middle school son and her eight year-old daughter. These are stories most parents can relate to. Erin shares what she did as a mom and explains how she put her parenting priorities into action steps. It’s not perfect or pretty, at times, to parent well in a digital age, but Erin shows that with clarity about what we believe in and confidence to walk our talk with our kids, we can be the strongest influence in our kids’ lives—and in that process limit potential negative digital/media influences.

Erin also explains how she and a group of parents began an on-going dialogue about digital issues and Internet safety for their kids. They call their group LOCKS and they regularly talk through a Facebook group, supporting each other to develop limits, boundaries for their kids; as well as share important knowledge and information about the latest app or social media fad that their kids are engaged in, and disseminate success stories and strategies that worked so all can benefit. “It takes a village to raise a child.” Erin and the parent community she is a part of are taking this truth seriously by providing a strong collective force to protect and teach their children in this digital world.

Erin is available to help any parent who wants to, create a similar parent group in their own community. You can contact her through her website listed above.

We don’t have to allow the “industry-culture” of high-tech to have more influence over our kids than we do. There is much we can do within our immediate circles to make positive differences in the lives of the children we love. You can start by listening to this podcast for inspiration and important information!

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