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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Is Fear Keeping you from Love and Prosperity?

In today’s episode of “Healing from Within”, your host Sheryl Glick author of “Life Is No Coincidence” and her soon to be released new book “The Living Spirit— Answers for Healing and Infinite Love” welcomes Sue Frederick a career intuitive and author whose efforts as are mine, are to show everyone how to discover what you were put on Earth to do and show us that by combining spiritual awareness and teachings, intuitive recognition or impulses, and practical knowledge, anyone can recognize the career and mate that were meant for them. In her two new books, I See Your Mate and I See Your Dream Job, Sue focuses on her intuitive specialties to help her clients find compatible mates and jobs that help them to explore their talents.

Sue begins her book, I See Your Mate, with a warning that everything you’ve heard from the media, dating services, and your friends about finding true love is probably wrong. She suggests it is only possible to succeed in any area of your life by first going within and discovering who you really are. By remembering who you are and what you signed up for when your soul decided to have a physical life, by remembering you made contracts with other souls who would help you rediscover the great love and compassion that is buried deep within your soul essence. The partner(s) you made a true-love agreement with before this life began, will appropriately enter your life. Many people feel an immediate soul connection upon meeting someone they are meant to engage with. By tuning into your innate guidance system or inner wisdom, or inner voice, and help from spirit, we can honor and develop our unique gifts, empowering ourselves with love and open the door for business opportunities, and a love connection or soul mate to enter. We rarely will have the success we want unless we work on our own soul development first.

Sue writes “Yes I see your soul mate—standing just behind you—waiting in the wings for you to remember your mission”. Sheryl responds “Once when I was doing hospice work, a sensitive man who was dying asked me if my husband was in Spirit. I responded No and he continued to say a man was standing behind me and protecting me”. Sheryl determined that perhaps for some of us, there is a love interest or important guide who is not sharing this physical life at the moment. As an intuitive, Sheryl is aware that there are many soul mates who we love and who assist us on our journey of self-discovery while improving our life and trying to improve the world. It would seem that the idea of one love interest in a lifetime is rather limiting. Sheryl suggests that a soul mate is anyone who mirrors your own inner-self and helps you remember your divine essence, so in that context we have many soul mates.

Sue goes on to say that heartbreak can be a humbling experience and tells us the story of her dramatic beginning love interests. Her first love interest was a young hippie boyfriend who just left. Then, a husband whom she loved dearly, died in her arms and then not wanting to hear that it was eventually for her own good, or that everything in life had a purpose, she eventually discovered the problem was that she was not totally aware of her spiritual gifts or the mission that she had decided to take on when she entered this life. These difficult experiences finally brought her back to herself and her unusual spiritual insights along with her desire to do her true work in this world. She became focused on becoming a health journalist –teaching people to live healthy lives and using her intuitive gifts to help others discover their own spiritual lives.

Sue goes on to say that suffering and loss lead her to embrace her unconventional intuitive gifts, her unlovable different self,. When she accepted herself and found joy in her own being, she was delighted to find a true soul mate- Gene, standing in the hallway. A quote from Sue reads as follows- “Heartbreak is the most powerful fuel to find our soul’s true life mission. The misconception is we came to look for our soul mate but that is backwards..we came to do something great, to live up to our unique potential, and to help raise the consciousness of the planet. We ALL have a divine mission.”

Sue also says, and many of us would not be comfortable with this proclamation, that when we fall in love or meet someone new, we know instantly what the relationship holds in store for us. Sue says that Paul was her greatest spiritual teacher and she needed to take the journey with him. Because of his illness, Sue and Paul both became spiritual travelers, visiting Shamans, Native American healers, as well as priests, therapists nutritionists, herbalists, energy workers and conventional cancer docs. Sue says; “You discover ultimately that falling in love has always opened your intuitive senses wider and that love has taught you that the heart rules intuition and you must open the heart to feel the truth of anything or anyone. To find your true work or your true love, your heart must be wide open, vulnerable and fearless”. Sheryl responds that she is often asked how she became aware of her healing and mediumship abilities, and responds that either a great love or great loss is the way one becomes aware of their inner soul essence and connection to more than their physical life. It appears that we may be jolted into awakening and fulfilling our destiny, or nudged by spiritual messages, guides, or meaningful people that we meet in our daily lives.

In discussing intuition, which is the foundation of all spiritual awareness, we discover intuition is the inner voice and connection to Universal Energy and the means to know Self, others and expand our reality beyond our immediate world to begin to see a larger plan for humanity. “We are reminded that intuition is your gut feeling marinating you in confidence, wisdom and empowerment, never fear. Intuition is your sacred pool of divine KNOWING—a gateway to your higher self, soul life or eternal essence…You will never be as intuitive as when you fall in love..your energy is most open and receptive and the thoughts of your mind quiets. Yes we are all intuitive, and also remember we are not just our thoughts. We are an energetic being, a pulsating wave of light connected to the energetic fabric that makes up the entire Universe. Quantum physics refer to this phenomenon as the “Membrane Theory”—when it is said that we are all made of the same energy—waves of light that join everything and everyone, they are describing “Intuition,” the Language of the Soul.”

When Sheryl asked Sue the question, “How do you know it is intuition?”, Sue responds by saying “Intuition comes from the angels it’s not dark and scary even if it is a warning about an upcoming crisis. It comes in the frequency of love and makes you feel wise and compassionate and empowered by knowledge. It is the voice of the divine within you and divine order is always on your side. Pay attention to the gut feelings that make you excited, joyful and empowered and loving. Those are your intuitive thoughts…..Dismiss whatever fills you with fear and dread.” Sheryl would go on to say that indeed intuition is the communication from higher entities connected to our progress. Our interconnectedness exists between souls in or out of a body.

Sue writes of the right and left hemispheres of the mind. The left hemisphere values the logical processes and the right hemisphere works with visions, intuition and dreams, emphasizing creativity and spirituality.
Our minds are designed to navigate this physical world with our left mind while navigating our higher purpose and artistic spiritual and intuitive gifts with our right mind. Using both is the best way to create meaningful lives.

The purpose of evolution may well be to merge the viewpoints and abilities of both parts of our brain or being our physical intelligence and energetic wisdom. Merging perspectives offered by individual and collective intelligence may be the shift of consciousness we have been waiting for in the medical field. Sue mentions Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s description of surviving a brain stroke finding that as her left mind melted down, much like the observations of a trained neuro-anatomist ( brain research), she noted her emerging right-brain consciousness and profound spiritual insights. “Her conclusion was that our lives are out of balance if we attend only to the development of left brain thinking and minimize the value of our right-brain potential. We are missing the picture of who we really are and our spiritual right sided part of the brain is seemingly the most important half.”

Sue tells an interesting story of Sigmund Freud from his book Interpretation of Dreams where he wrote of his own dreams and one that clearly showed his future illness and eventual death. Freud’s approach gives us an example of left-brain logic dismissing right brain intuitive guidance. Freud interpreted the dream of his health problem in terms of his narrow parameters of sexual metaphors, failing to see the divine gift of premonition and solution that the dream offered. He died from mouth cancer 28 years later as he failed to stop smoking his cigars, which the dream suggested he do. Sue tells a dream of being with her friends in a car and avoiding a crash because she saw the truck in the dream that would hit them, and when actually sitting in the car she recognized the same sequence of events that she saw in her dream, she screamed when she saw the truck and the accident was avoided…Dreams do offer insight and sometimes even the means to change an event.

Sheryl, as an intuitive energy practitioner, and Sue as a an intuitive coach, offers insights and clues and even solutions to either improving a situation or to avoid unproductive or negative conditions.

Sue mention’s several studies from Dean Radin’s book Entangled Minds and explains that quantum connections may help explain how intuitive teachers and healers are able to see their client’s life journeys, feel their pain and understand their intuitive gifts even before doing a session with them. Radin is the father of the modern study of psychic phenomenon and brings legitimate scientific rigor to intuition study. The Entanglement Theory and his work show how our thoughts and feelings are accessible to everyone through the quantum field. It also refers to the connections between separated particles that persist regardless of distance. This theory helps to understand psychic phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. One of Radin’s study suggests that people can affect others at a distance simply by thinking about them and changes in their heart rate and respiratory functions can be measured even if the subject who was thought about was not aware of the other person. Negative thoughts can make the other person uncomfortable and over time this negativity can affect the health of another person. In contrast, positive and loving responses offered by good thoughts can improve and aid in a person’s state of wellness. Protection in creating energetic boundaries and learning more about how people affect us and our health is part of maintaining a healthy and balanced life. In Sheryl Glick’s new book, The Living Spirit: Answers For Healing and Infinite Love, Sheryl offers many techniques geared at developing a more functional view of energy and how we are affected by the words, thoughts, and actions of the people in our circle of life. Sheryl also offers the means and techniques for working with our own energy and the energy of others to assess and encourage life enhancing relationships, health, and prosperity for self-empowerment and to help facilitate changes needed for present world conditions.

Sue and Sheryl suggest that each person comes into life on a specific path that is partially revealed in the numbers of our date of birth…Dan Millman psychologist and author of The Four Purposes of Life explained how he uses a mathematical calculation of a clients birth date and is able to gather great insight into that person life path and challenges. Pythagoras the father of our modern number system first discovered this hidden code in 580 BC. Pythagoras believed numbers carry an energy or feeling and are not just a symbol for quantity. He taught his followers that when you add all the single digits in your date of birth you find your destiny number which reveals the nature of your true work and your soul-mate agreements. This helps in understanding your dreams, loving certain people, and hungering for certain opportunities. Much is hidden in your birth date.

As physical beings once again becoming aware of our energetic connection to the universe within us: the spark of infinite life, we may begin to realize that intuition and learning to decipher the messages of guidance from each other and above holds the key to our health and a better physical life journey. In regard to this Sue wrote,” I am a career intuitive, a medium and I see dream jobs and soul mates. When I work with clients I see their gifts and potential: what they came here to do, the careers they would love and where they should live. This information comes to me as photographic images, auditory messages and powerful sensory feelings. Sometimes I see my clients departed loved ones. The joining of two seemingly disconnected worlds—the divine realms and the world of work seem to be my special talent….at an early time in my childhood I was told to keep these dreams and visions to in, be strong and have a conventional life. Sheryl and Sue are happy to say that much has changed since our childhoods and so many of us with intuitive strengths are helping others to develop and use their gifts for improving the world at large. Knowledge is always the way forward and the knowledge that comes from our inner connection to higher energy: our intuition, is the best and most accurate for assisting us in making wise choices. We encourage our listeners to find opportunities to experience energy healing modalities and visits with intuitive counselors or spiritual teachers who will help in the development of their own intuitive abilities…abilities we all possess, and to open up to the power of what lies beneath our Conscious ego based intelligence…the wisdom of our heart and soul and Universal Energy.