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The New Relationship Reality Show

Kat Knecht

The New Relationship Reality Show – Women & Finance

Tomorrow is Tax Day here in the US. It’s a funny kind of “Holiday”, isn’t it? Not a day that’s filled with celebration… but rather, a date on the calendar that comes around every year to remind me of where I am in terms of my finances.

It always reminds me of the story I tell on today’s show about my struggle with the IRS in which I became aware that my relationship with money, as a woman, was different than a man’s relationship with money.

Today we look at “Women and Money”. What are the stereotypes? What are the natural strengths? How do we women think about it, behave with it and what’s the impact those thoughts and actions have on our relationships with our husbands, lovers, family and friends?

Big questions for a great conversation…

My guest today is Tara Conti. She has a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Finance. She is a CFP as well as a life coach and blogger. She is a financial planner for Glen Eagle Advisors. Tara brings all of that and more to this conversation. You won’t want to miss it.