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Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Ask Dr. Love – is excited to announce that we’re adding the Ask Dr. Love radio show with Dr. Jamie Turndorf to our line up

In this inaugural edition of Ask Dr. Love Radio on, Dr. Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love) will be introducing you to Vin Armani, an internationally known elite male companion for women and star of the Showtime show, Gigolos. His years of experience, both professional and otherwise in the art of seduction have given him a deep understanding of the applied principles of human socio-sexuality. Through his experience as an elite male companion, Armani has developed a unique approach to developing a genuine and positive connection with clients.

Author of the book Tao of The Gigolo, Armani has established unique views on love, relationships, romance, and sexuality. His philosophy and passion for delivering exceptional experiences brought him to establish Companion Concierge.

Join Dr. Turndorf for an exciting talk with Vin about his take on love and relationships from the viewpoint of a male gigolo.

Show Details:
Beginning April 15th, Dr. Turndorf will be doing something that no other radio show has yet to do!

She’ll be broadcasting her radio show live over Google+.

What does this means for you?

You have many more ways to connect with Dr. Turndorf live and in real time.

You Can Watch Live:
1) Go to Google+ and click on the show link:

Then click on the +1 button on the show page and answer YES to the question “Are you going?”

You can leave your comments or questions in the comment thread and communicate with me live.

2) You Can Be a Part of the Show! Here’s what’s really cool about Google+…If you’re among the first 10 people on the show page, you can actually enter the “studio.” Being in the studio, your face will be seen. But if you want, you can turn off your video so only your voice can be heard. Then, you can anonymously ask me a question.

Being part of the studio audience, you can also submit comments and questions through the comment thread.

3) If You’re Not on Google + You Can Watch and Listen on YouTube…and even submit comments and questions from YouTube that I will see instantly.

4) You can also watch and listen in real time from any mobile device.

Don’t worry. If you miss the live broadcast, the show will be archived on my site and on,, iTunes, and YouTube.