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Dr. Robert Benson

The Book of Dad – What is our world (city) coming to?

Have we reached a state of no return? One where we cannot be counted on handle our own affairs? Or are we at the state of calling (literally) in the troops to get control of our streets? I hail from a small city however, one that is approaching the status of being the most dangerous in the nation/country, so much so that city leadership needs to funnel in assistance from national, state and county leaders and organizations to get control, HELP! Enter a charter school with motivated staff and leaders ready to address the problems and propose solutions, today we talk with stoked educator Ms Tasliym Mohammad Goodman.

Ms Tasliym Mohammad Goodman – Educator

Ms Goodman, the founder of “We in US”; The WE in US organization is the product of a graduate research study completed at Neumann University for the Master’s of Science degree in Organizational and Strategic Leadership. The founder’s community engagement goes back 28 years ago when she would see her mother walking around Chester, PA with extra sandwiches and chips to give to those less fortunate, or when she would see her mother give rides to the elderly on the first of the month so they could cash their checks. At the age of 11 Tasliym began to help to put together annual thanksgiving basket creations with her godparents Clyde (Al-Amin) and Jacqueline Moore at the Norfolk Trading Post in Norfolk, VA. Her community engagement continued through various projects completed during her undergraduate studies at the Metropolitan College of New York where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in American Urban Studies. After returning to her hometown of Chester, PA and working within the community as the Founding Executive Administrative Assistant for the Chester Charter School for the Arts her passion for community activism grew even more. WE in US, is the fruit of that passion. She is married with 4 children.