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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – The EMC 2 – AIM Program for Energetic Balancing

In this episode of “Healing from Within” Sheryl Glick, Reiki Energy Practitioner and author of The Living Spirit (release date May 2014) welcomes Stephen Lewis, author of Sanctuary- The Path to Consciousness. Stephen has dedicated his life to the discovery of energetic possibilities (EMC 2 – the Aim Program) in the development of human consciousness and well-being. As Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote in his endorsement for Sanctuary, “Everything is energy. Everything and everyone has a frequency. Those frequencies that are out of balance with our natural harmony can be identified and can be removed showing wonderful results. It is a giant step into the inevitable future where each of us is our own totally enlightened healer. I have found that in my higher self and so can you.” Stephen, Sheryl, and many healers are exploring energy healing modalities as a way to health, empowerment, and human evolution and are working towards a new reality in the medical field where alternative energy treatments are combined with western medical treatments.

Stephen’s fictional story, Sanctuary, gives us his main character, visionary genius Max Stevens, who has created a paradise deep in the desert, a hidden sanctuary where he can work miracles. Jane, diagnosed with terminal cancer and getting worse, with each new course of chemotherapy, sets off on her journey to find him. She discovers a place where she and others explore and alter their Energetic Matrix or spiritual essence. We will come to see that by removing subtle energy imbalances and traveling the path to consciousness we can attain and integrate emotional, physical and spiritual harmony. The futuristic energy healing system the story describes is available and used by energy healers worldwide.

Stephen’s interest in true healing or multidimensional healing began with his success as a medical doctor with a large and growing practice when his interest in various healing practices led him into other areas. Over time he covered many disciplines in great depth. These disciplines included acupuncture, biofeedback, oriental medicine, ayurveda, and homeopathy. Gradually, these interests eclipsed his more conventional training. He developed his own methods of analysis and began measuring what he called subtle energies, incredibly tiny and difficult to measure as they combine in the infinite multiplicity of the universe ranging from the nuclear holocaust that we call the sun, to the breath of life in our bodies. Each thing that existed could be identified by its unique energetic fingerprint.

Stephen goes on to make it clear that the frequency of an illness is not the illness itself. Energetic imbalances differ from disease. He developed his own methods of analysis by measuring the subtle energies. Using his knowledge of physics and electronics he began delving into the application of computers alongside his other discoveries. Remarkable techniques used by the homeopaths for over a hundred years were made simpler and quicker as he developed the ability to use FREQUENCIES to identify and neutralize the unique energetic signatures associated with all maladies. The names the medical profession uses to describe specific and verifiable conditions, may coincide with imbalances Stephen refers to but he is only referring to an energetic imbalance. For more than 100 years, homeopaths have used similar terminologies similar to medicine without claiming that there is a direct correlation between the words and the diseases. Stephen accepts the principles of homeopathy but has taken them to the level of subtle energy frequencies and does not look for symptoms of disease. Stephen can be called an energy path, frequency path, electropath, or an energetic practitioner.

In Stephen’s book, one of the main characters, a film director who suffered from several conditions that were unable to be diagnosed, found out just how much doctors had to know in order to know nothing at all. A quote from the book describes this man’s suffering. “At that time I was a run-down mess…burned out from long shooting schedules, doing work that often wasn’t aligned with what I really wanted to do…yoga fell out of my life because I was simply too tired. Then my digestion went awry, food didn’t agree with me, my skin suddenly changed from smooth and elastic, to scaly, dry and itchy.. I had never been allergic to anything, but it seemed I was becoming allergic to everything. I constantly had a sore throat. My back hurt. I felt lousy all the time. And I didn’t know where to turn. I had given up on MD’s nearly twenty years earlier.” Their detailed explanations of metabolism, body function, neural function, were at best merely descriptions of biological processes. These descriptions substituted details for understanding and it may be realized much of it is pointless and useless and sometimes dangerous in treating illness. Also, MDs were not allowed to use their own judgment about handling cases as they were forced by state federal and insurance companies to follow a narrow course of prescribed solutions and also often believed their dogma was the only way…it seems their work as healers was over and their work as minions of a technology had begun. “I finally realized the pointlessness and uselessness- and sometimes dangerousness- of the advice and potions they dispensed. Even their primary weapon, antibiotics, had lost its power, a fact that epidemiologists freely acknowledged.” Directed to Max, the healer in the story who did not work with the clinical diagnosis of disease, but with the subtle energy frequencies traditionally associated with the disease, not in themselves evidence of the disease. In being assisted to release the energetic imbalances that lead to his compromised health he developed a higher awareness of himself, his life and his health improved.

Homeopaths call hereditary energetic patterns “Miasms.” The frequency that indicated the back pain for the director was not a miasm, but an energetic imbalance which became activated..Correcting the imbalance would correct the back pain. Max also picked up the frequency of infection in the urethra that had been going on for 20 years. Max said the symptoms and condition would be gone as a result of this session in a few days and he as all his clients could simply call it a coincidence. After the use of the computer or energy imprints, bottles of liquid were synchronized to the electrical impulse energies and the director was given instructions to put a certain amount of drops under the tongue for hereditary frequencies( miasms) and also for the energetic imbalances.

Stephen selected the name Sanctuary for his book because he describes what he has set up as a church of energy, higher consciousness, universal life force, which is part of his vision- to measure the subtle energetic essence that mystics have spoke about for thousands of years. True healing of the mind, body and spirit is a universal process crossing time and space and reaching deep into the life sustaining force of the evolving universe. Spirit is energy and energy is spirit. E=mc2. Energy is in all things and makes up all things, thus all illness is spiritual- which is to say that all illness is energetic in nature. Dis-ease is due to an individual’s misalignment with the power of the spiritual energy which is in them and all around them. By realigning the individual to be in harmony with the spiritual force, the life force, the subtle energetic matrix that makes up the entire universe that individual’s physical, emotional, and even spiritual ailments will disappear. . our work is like a church and we call it sanctuary because we believe in energy and its eternal nature. The name you give to that energy is your choice which we respect and encourage it. It is the domain of the higher source, call it God, Christ, Buddha, we simply use that energy given to you and help direct it towards your well-being. It may be noted that each of us is not in the Universe—the Universe or the complete code for life is within us.

It is discussed in the book that over the past years, many complicated health issues, AIDS- the life threatening condition caused by the HIV virus, which interferes with your body’s ability to fight the organisms that cause disease, damages the immune system. It has been believed that HIV is only a sexually transmitted virus that can be spread by contact with infected blood, during pregnancy with an infected mother, or during breast-feeding with an infected mother. HIV weakens the immune system leading to the development of AIDS. However, there is new thought now that complicated health issues such as AIDS, HIV and Tuberculosis are increasing at an alarming rate. Stephen says “The frequency of TB was epidemic, pandemic, and ubiquitous. Almost everybody had it. There are various strains and no one is immune.” While the frequencies for these illnesses we just discussed are quite prevalent, it does not mean that it will lead in all cases to the development of the disease. However, many people will experience predictable deteriorations in their feeling of well-being and when Stephen, using the AIM program, (All Inclusive Method) helps the body realign to its natural state of wellbeing, these frequencies are able to go into remission.

Stephen mentions the AIM Program throughout his book. This program will help you know yourself as a spiritual or conscious being discovering a whole new world of possibilities. Anyone who has an illness or has been written off as incurable, can tap in to their potential to achieve unparalleled well-being, health and vitality – well beyond what most people have ever known or considered possible, largely due to limited perceptions of our innate healing potential and not understanding how and why illness actually manifests. Imbalances in consciousness can be described as energetic imbalances. An energetic imbalance can have the same name as the actual physical “disease” such as lung cancer, the flu, depression, etc., but it does not necessarily mean you have the physical condition. However, Sheryl believes it does mean this: either you have the physical condition already or you will have it shortly… UNLESS YOU REMOVE THE IMBALANCE FROM YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. This is known as true “healing not merely treating the symptoms. If you remove an energetic imbalance from your consciousness, the physical manifestation of such a thing can no longer thrive, or even survive, in your physical body. That is how you heal yourself. This belief is shared by both quantum physics and spirituality. In fact, it is why healing and healers are considered to be spiritual in nature. It also helps explain why there are churches called, “Religious Science” or “Science of Mind”.

Conventional medicine recognizes that illness can be transmitted genetically and are starting to identify certain genes that cause disease. In energy balancing, Stephen recognizes that energetic imbalances can be transmitted hereditarily as well. He believes the information is not actually transmitted in the genes but in a more subtle part of the anatomy. There are people who believe that there is more to the human being than a physical body. Stephen and Sheryl are among those people. Mystics say that there are other bodies: the causal body, the mental body, the energetic body, the spirit body, and so on. These are referred to as the subtle bodies and people have written about the subtle bodies. For instance The Yoga Sutras written 500 years ago before Christ by the sage Patanjali indicate that there are energetic pathways in the subtle body and other anatomical features, if you can properly apply the word anatomy to something that is not physical?

Stephen found that in addition to helping people balance energetic frequencies by use of his computer analysis and energy imprint system the person’s health needs, were discovered and he began to discern energetic imbalances in photographs as well as blood or hair samples which contain DNA. Once you accept the possibility of energetic balance as a legitimate approach to achieving well-being, you are already pretty far down the road to accepting the possibility that the entire set of energetic information available to the individual is also available in his or her photograph. It is known that aboriginal primitive people refused to have their pictures taken because they believed it captured the soul. There are people who use pictures to measure the aura or energetic changes in the energy field around the body. This is called Kiernan Photography. Information is energy and where attention goes, energy flows. This is how miracles are performed on a daily basis by people who have an understanding of energy. The reason why photographs work for energetic testing and subsequent imprinting in the Aim Program is that the photograph is a precise alignment of virtual photons that tunnel to the person or thing depicted in it. The tunnel referred to, describes the connection or the bridge between science and spirit. As Robert Heinlein said, “Any technology which is sufficiently advanced becomes indistinguishable from magic or miracles.” Science, like religion is one of man’s attempts to explain the universe, spiritual crisis, psychological and physical crisis.

In regard to karmic and emotional imbalances, we find the AIM Program can heal these aspects of ourselves also. Energetic imbalances can move around in a number of ways, similar to the ways in which disease moves around. Sometimes they are acquired the good old fashion way- hereditarily. But karmic imbalances are more subtle than those imbalances which we have been discussing. Karmic issues are gross imbalances, but often are just circumstantial. Karmic imbalances are present environmentally, meaning in people, animals, water, food, air- whatever is around you. We are all born with a template for our personal, energetic disaster. The template is called hereditary imbalances. Understand that every hereditary imbalance will become active in everyone if they live long enough. Once the energetic immune system becomes weaker we see that many energetic immune systems are being compromised at a relatively young chronological age, and people are becoming biologically old faster. Sheryl offers her intuitive feeling that the reason many people are not in spiritual alignment to the natural flow of universal energy and their life path, is that they are allowing materialism, and a fast moving technological society with emphasis on competition and physical fulfillment to take a greater part in their choices and this may be the reason for more severe energetic imbalances and a loss of well-being, peace, harmony and balance.

Stephen has an endorsement from Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Center of Truth, which reads “We live at the threshold of a universal recognition that the human being is not mere matter but a potent, energetic field of consciousness. Modalities of the past millennium are quickly giving way to breakthrough technologies wherein we heal ourselves at the level of all true healing, which is spirit. Such a spiritual technology is now available through the visionary work of Stephen Lewis and his AIM Program which you can read about in the book, Sanctuary The Path to consciousness.” Other greats have echoed this truism like Albert Einstein and Plato so how can knowledge of our eternal energetic soul essence serve us to reach our potential in this time and place? Einstein once said “To know what is impenetrable to us really exists manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms- this knowledge, this feeling is that the center of true religiousness. In this sense and in this sense only, I belong to the ranks of devoutly religious men.” Understanding quantum physics, magic, mysticism, universal energy, and science, is the true nature of religion, all leading to the Theory of Relativity.

Where would the world be if Columbus, Galileo, Newton, Einstein or Edison had stuck to the world as it was known then? The world as we know it is an unnecessary limitation. We are now exploring a new frontier…as Plato said thousands of years ago… Take a look around, then see that the uninitiated are listening. By the uninitiated, I mean the people who believe in nothing but what they grasp with their hands and who will not allow for any belief that suggests that anything invisible can have real existence. Can we perceive the Universe? No. It is bigger than our vision. Most people think if it can be detected, it has reality. Detected means perceived or to see or sense in a way beyond the physical.

In today’s show, Stephen Lewis has shown us a system that explores and alters the energetic matrix of our spiritual essence. Stephen identifies the subtle energy imbalances in different areas of our lives and uses a spiritual technology to help people heal themselves attaining and integrating emotional, spiritual and physical harmony. Stephen writes “Like many other people, I’ve always known that I am more than a body and I’ve kept that knowledge throughout my professional training… there is a new view of the body emerging which sees the body as something more than a mere bio-mechanism. This energetic viewpoint is based on new discoveries in science about the basic nature of the matter that makes us human beings as well as the world around us. At the subatomic level, all matter, including the molecules that make up the human body, is actually a form of frozen, vibrating energy.” The future of medicine will be enhanced by discovering electro-magnetic signals stimulating rapid healing and that as multi-dimensional beings, healing is not just the removal of symptoms and disease, but the expansion of each individuals eternal, energetic soul presence that creates a need to explore their personal sense of well-being. Self-realization as the divine and creative energies they are is the means towards a more conscious evolved humanity.