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Your Money Show – 19 Ways Your Bank Account Isn’t Safe

Our guest Lowell Ponte discusses his new book Don’t Bank On It and the 19 Ways Your Bank Account Isn’t Safe. Lowell talks about everything from identity theft to the insolvency to the FDIC. The FDIC is a corporation and, like any other corporation, technically it can go bankrupt. Lowell suggests that The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation may only be able to repay $1 for every $14 it now claims to insure.

Your Money Show also discusses a retirement that has been around since 1964 but hardly used. Most advisors don’t know about it and those that do have negative things to say about it. Should you be using this type of retirement plan to save money? As a business owner or a self employed person you might want to use this plan to lower your costs. Listen to the show to learn more about this plan.

We also put an end to the myth of buy term and invest the difference. Your Money Show discusses which is better term insurance or permanent insurance like whole life.