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Mark Spivak

Quench! – Screwcap vs. Corks

For the first few decades after screwcap (or Stelvin) closures were invented in 1964, they met with considerable resistance from the public.
Screwcaps were mostly associated with cheap, low grade wines such as Thunderbird or MD 20/20, the type of beverage consumed by drunks in convenience store parking lots. That perception has gradually changed, as consumers have come to realize that the benefits of screwcaps go way beyond the absence of cork taint: They deliver the wine in the same condition the winemaker created it. Mark talks with Tim Keller, founder and CEO of Vinperfect, a former winemaker who has devoted himself to developing the perfect screwcap closure. On Bizarre Beverage News, Mark investigates the story of an Oklahoma gun range that has been granted a liquor license, explores the behavior of drunken fish, and examines the case of an Oregon woman who has filed suit for $8 million because a bottle of wine fell on her foot.


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