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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Holistic Self-care for Cancer Survivors with Cami Smalley

Cami Smalley, MA is a Health and Wellness Coach who specializes in holistic wellness, personal growth, and stress management coaching, and teaches yoga, meditation, and several stress management strategies. With advanced degrees in Physical Education and Holistic Health Studies, she has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. She currently volunteers at Well Within as a health and wellness coach, and facilitates its cancer survivorship program.

She begins by describing her work, especially as it relates to survivorship. When faced with cancer, working with a coach will enable the person to be empowered during a time when it feels a person has very little control. Between 60-90% of people with cancer use some sort of complementary therapy in addition to traditional western medical care. Cami is trained as a Circle of Life coach, a program which includes a six phase process, including assessing one’s life, establishing readiness, designing change, creating a blueprint for change, planning action steps, taking steps and accessing resources, and reevaluating and revising one’s program.
She describes some of the 15 “powers,” of the program including self inquiry, group process, acknowleding your strengths, developing mind/body practices for good self care to reduce stress, and accountability. Cami has found that certain mind-body practices are particularly helpful for people with cancer including
visualization, cleansing breaths, positive emotions and other techniques.

Cami will be one of the featured speakers at Well Within’s September 14 Becoming Well Within conference for cancer survivors and those who love them. To learn more about this Twin Cities event, please visit For more information about Cami, please visit .