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Mark Spivak

Quench! – Fractional Vineyard Ownership

If you fantasize about owning your own winery, you’re not alone—after the desire to open a restaurant, winery ownership is one of the most common fantasies in the human psyche. The cost of admission, however, is
steep: between $5-10 million in Napa, and even higher in some parts of Europe. Mark explores the growing category of fractional vineyard ownership, which allows you to become lord of the manor (although briefly) for a comparatively small amount of cash. He reviews the leader in the category, the Napa Valley Reserve, and also examines The Ranch on Soda Rock, The Lodges at Calistoga Ranch, O. Fournier and La Vida Buena in Argentina, and Wine Estate Capital Management. On Bizarre Beverage News, Mark comments on a trio of stories: why the Chinese poured 13,000 bottles of Spanish wine into an inflatable swimming pool, Italian prisoners making wine on the island of Gorgona, and what your alcoholic beverage of choice says about your politics.


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