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Healing From Within – The Rainbow Bridge

In today’s episode of Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Brent Hunter, author of The Rainbow Bridge. The emphasis and the need to recognize the divine spark of creation, oneness, unity, love, and our personal power to connect to higher source through an understanding of ancient wisdom or spiritual practices, religion and to awaken to the possibilities for accessing these divine inner qualities in order to live a conscious and fulfilling physical life is the message of many metaphysical seekers who delve into the mysteries of human existence and universal higher consciousness.

In today’s episode, Brent and Sheryl will discuss how over time our natural inclination to bridge the gap between our inner and outer worlds has recognized that separation, illusion disappointment and world crisis have stifled many people from working on their inner life, which is absolutely necessary to correct or refine ourselves and for the advancement of a healthier world population. We will also talk about Universal Principles and practical understandings of virtues such as love, friendship, compassion, patience, and a host of other issues we deal with on a daily basis always looking for ways to be a better person and to create a healthier life journey.

Brent discusses his earlier life story and how he says he spent most of his life pursuing a spiritual path engaged in the process of “becoming”. Studies in the core wisdom of the Baha’s Faith, Buddhism Christianity, Confucianism, etc, and an interesting father who would work with him with a type of world play called Koans, which are questions or statements that are contradictory such as , “What is your original face before your parents were born?” Brent also relates that his religious beginnings included knowledge of the Muslim Jewish and Christian faiths and how knowing different religions leads us to the realization that the foundations of all religions are actually more similar than different.

Brent describes that he chose the title The Rainbow Bridge because the concept of a rainbow is universal representing a multitude of uplifting colors creating ultimately a single bridge of color or white light. The concept of the bridge was used as the bridge allows us to go from one place to another and the destination would often be impossible to reach with the bridge. Also a bridge brings different sides, people, places, worlds together. The bridge could be considered Humanity’s Bridge or is a bit like defining love-multi-faceted.

Sheryl compares the energetic aspect of the human body, known as the Chakras, which are seven main energy points running parallel down the body. Each chakra represents certain aspects of our physical and spiritual life issues and respond to the colors of the rainbow, which run from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white light, and are the means to open up to multidimensional communication with the universe.

Brent gives an example of Michael Jackson when he created a music video: “Can You Feel It”. Sheryl shares a moment of synchronicity with Brent and tells the story of her son Gregg at about 5 years old when he was in a Zest Soap commercial and his line was “I Can Feel It”. The vibration of those words with the water flowing over him was exhilarating for Sheryl to observe. It seemed that Gregg in that commercial was a human bridge to share the connection of feeling good when connected to higher thinking, feeling pure, and we might say it was kind of a spiritual commercial ahead of its time.

Jimi Hendrix also made a movie “Rainbow Bridge” and Brent expressed The Rainbow Bridge comes from deep within the heart of humanity and is a global phenomenon. Looking at ancient languages, the Sanskrit term Antahkarana refers to a rainbow bridge, the“bridge of light” or “the lighted way,” which is a conduit between our intelligent mind and higher levels of perception and consciousness.

The Rainbow Bridge is therefore, in most practical terms, a bridge between ourselves and our higher selves and between our heads and our hearts, individually and collectively.

The Rainbow Bridge is further seen as:
• Between us and our beloved people and pets that have passed away.
• Between us and all other living beings.
• Between Earth and Heaven. Between the physical world and the etheric world.
• Between who we think we are and who we truly are.
• Between the left and right sides of our brain.
• Between the present and the future.

It is a global, universal bridge for the people: Between our current global economic system, which is based on competition, to a global economic system that is based on partnership, collaboration, and harmony. The Rainbow Bridge is a bridge from war to peace, harmony, unity, and prosperity in the 21st century.

Brent suggests that now more than ever we need to become experts of the major traditions of spirituality and religion as to do so will allow our collective understanding to see the common ground or that we are more similar, even as we stand in our various faiths. Sheryl expresses that is her personal mission statement for the show and the sentiment of the many wonderful guest speakers that have been on “Healing from Within.” These powerful and timeless insights may help more people realize the same truth that every ancient wisdom teacher and religion has attempted to find throughout time and space. Though there may be slight personal opinions and interpretations… All the major religions and spiritual practices hope to support several very important facts and in Sheryl’s new book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, she validates these truths.
1. We are not alone, never have been and are always supported by Divine Guidance
2. We are all connected to Universal Energy or Creation and to each other.
3. A physical life offers a soul the ability to remember, go within and rediscover the divine spark of life and to realize the immense potential we have to co-create a wonderful life to find peace and freedom from outside fears.
4. Consciousness survives physical death so there actually is only Soul Energy and Eternal Life.

Knowing all this Universal truth as Brent suggests will help us in making a unified family workplace and world and As the Dali Lama likes to say; we will find “World Peace through Inner Peace.”

There was a wonderful endorsement for Brent’s book that follows, “The Rainbow Bridge, highlights religious traditions’ common theme — the need to cultivate inner values like love and compassion if we are to create a happier, more peaceful world. This commonality is the main reason why we can say that the core essence of all the world’s major religions are the same and that they should co-exist harmoniously in the service of humanity. I believe that readers who are interested in love, kindness, inner peace and a better world may find much in this book to inspire them.”— H.H. the 14th Dalai

Brent defines Universal Principles and how the use of these energy principles improve our health, our life issues and the means for progress in all areas of life. Universal Principles are the wisdom teachings or philosophy of a higher consciousness and awareness of the true nature: our human and divine aspects including ideas on how to encourage courage intuition trust and to conquer fears of the outside world which separate us from our true potential as energetic and eternal Humans. This knowledge and practice bring us a deeper love for ourselves, others and life appreciating friendship, love, and teaching us how to develop greater compassion kindness and an understanding of death- life after death, and Unconditional Love…there are many other references Brent makes to understand patience etc.

In describing death and life after death, Brent says; The sooner we face the thought of our own death the sooner we can be totally free and as we learn about death the sooner we can help those who are dying or help those caring for those who are dying. Life follows death and this is one of the most important concepts in Brent’s book Life never Ends..we are immortal eternal souls..” Sheryl Says ; “Upon my realizing that I had a spiritual visitation from my grandfather who told me to write something for my father, I received the news the very next day that my father had passed, which had a profound effect on me and changed the direction of my life. I had no understanding of an afterlife, might have been considered skeptical about such ideas, but I have spent the last 20 years searching for a better answer to life and death and now know the absolute truth. I developed into an energy master teacher and medium and am sure beyond the shadow of a doubt, that life continues and my new book The Living Spirit: Answers to Healing and Infinite Love as Brent’s book The Rainbow Bridge, offers an accurate journey of the soul towards refining that inner energy, life and becoming closer to creation in action and responses. Once aware of this great truth it is a release from the ordinary fears and limitations many people struggle with and an awakening to the responsibility to work as evolved humans to protect our planet and life.

In describing the ego, or our physical life, we realize the ego is not something to think of as a problem or to get rid of but it can be transformed to become an integral and useful part of our whole being. One of the goals is to transform the ego from being self-centered to being other-centered. A transformed Big Ego makes us more effective at manifesting things that are for the good of human kind. The ego and illusions of the physical world give us the opportunity to rediscover our true nature as energetic and spiritual beings with infinite wisdom and the abilities to create miracles and wonderful interactions with souls both here and beyond this plane… We are multi-dimensional beings having a physical emotional mental and spiritual life. Once we can discern the fears of the mental and emotional aspects and call on the infinite dynamics of our soul being we can eliminate the duality and benefit from both aspects of our Being.

Brent says “ Expect Changes” but most people do everything to keep the Status Quo. But, we must expect the unexpected and have no fear. Things Change: Be willing to release your grasp or grip, your control and your attachment—there are few guarantees in life, however death and change are at the top of the list. Brent writes, “While times of change can be painful, upsetting frightening or disappointing everything is for our own development as individuals and collectively and to help us Awaken-to discover what true freedom is—to live in the present moment.”

Sheryl and Brent speak about Universal Principles. Brent gives an example of how to walk the path of the heart and treat everyone you meet with love.. That is a major principle and I believe the main reason a soul decides to take on a physical life. It’s all about love. An example of how to accomplish loving even when others may make it difficult for us to do, is to Walking The Path of Heart, which calls for treating everyone you meet with love, dignity, honor, and respect. Another principle we’ve discussed is standing up and meeting your own needs. So, the question is, what if we meet someone we really don’t like? Shouldn’t we meet our own needs, be truthful, be authentic, and let them know what we really think? Being nice to someone you don’t like isn’t being two-faced, it’s being mature.

The key to answering this question is to know whose interests are being met when you make a decision to take such an action. So, if you encounter someone who rubs you the wrong way and you still respect, honor and treat them well, you are meeting their needs and you are sending out positive energy to the world. In a small, but definite way, you are making the world a better place. Another way to get around this conundrum is to take yourself away from that person — to love them from a distance — and later talk it over with someone you are close with to get it out of your system in a genuine way by speaking your truth.

There are times in life when practicing the concepts, such as the one described above, takes more energy out of you than you have or want to give. Love is an active process that requires time and energy. It is important to take care of yourself and to meet your own needs. The only person who can truly know what decision to make in such situations is you..

As Brent writes, “We live in a completely infinite, totally open-ended universe. With the advent of the Internet, literally billions of people around the world can be linked and communicate with one another instantaneously. This miraculous capability, along with further advances in technology, means that we have the ability to consciously focus our attention and intention to mutually co-create anything we want to create, individually and collectively. There is no limit when we marry technology with universal principles and heart-based, positively-focused intentions. Life in the 21st century is fundamentally different than any other time in our history. It is beneficial to remind ourselves that we live in a new era because it really makes a difference in how we think, what we expect, and what we believe will unfold now, and in the future. A major aspect of life in the 21st century is the conscious evolution of our species.”

Brent and Sheryl would leave you with this thought– we all have the inner connection to Universal Spirit and in a world of infinite possibilities and choices we must take personal responsibility to live in a cooperative and unified position helping All. We hope many ultimately will find freedom, peace, love, and a greater appreciation of the gift of life.

Guest: Brent Hunter