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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Healing of Karmic Ties at the Soul Level

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of her newest book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, released date, May 2014, welcomes Annemiek Douw, author of 21 Layers of the Soul: Healing the Karmic Ties takes us to a clear view and perspective of who we are as spiritual and human beings capable of living in health harmony and extreme joy for life. The price for admission into the field of higher consciousness is to recognize through deep inner work you may eliminate restrictions and fears that lie below the surface of your consciousness mind, or ego.

It is only through self-investigation and awareness of the people who coexist in our lives that we begin to understand hereditary and karmic influences that affect our health, our decisions, and how we may expand our thoughts for healing on all levels- physical, emotional, and mental.

Annemiek explores her approach to peel away what is a blockage or limitation to our next level of self-discovery- joy, happiness and expansion at many levels. Her work involves the Aura, or 21 Layers of the Soul and the removal of traumas, either from this life or from past lives. As an Intuitive Reiki Practitioner and Medium, Sheryl has studied many healing modalities including Reiki, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Cranial-Sacral, The Reconnection, Seraphim Blueprint and the Arch Energy Healing Technique, but in over 100 case studies during 15 years of healing work, Annemiek is sharing something Sheryl has not come across before– the study lf the 21 layers of the Aura or energy field that her helpers in spirit have shown her in detail. This field of energy is around each of us and emanates from within us and can provide us with a clear blueprint for the reasons we choose a physical life in the first place.

Annemiek shares the fact that she worked in the business world, before discovering there is more to Heaven and Earth than what she could physically put her hands on. After experiencing an injury to an ankle that would not heal, and many people in her own family getting ill, she was overwhelmed and challenged by these obstacles. John, her physiotherapist, began to share his own multidimensional understanding of healing, saying that if you ignore the signals your body is giving you, your ankle may never function. John went on to mention that the human body at the cellular level has a memory of painful wounds or traumas to our emotional wellbeing, suggesting that Annemiek begin to notice a stomach ache after hearing a nasty remark from someone and perhaps a pain in the shoulders because of difficult relationships. These pains in the body reflect the way our soul is dealing with the issues of our physical life. John’s approach to understanding thoughts and actions as the possible cause for many health issues, made Annemiek take stock of her responsibility for investigating her own health needs and to make the changes necessary to improve her health. Annemiek became interested in bioenergetics and body work and studied techniques, and meditation to enhance her spiritual gifts. Annemiek described herself as paranormal and began to investigate experiences she had as a child. She began to notice that she was feeling pain or discomfort perhaps in her chest or her lower back, and then someone near her told her they had the same symptom….she began to realize it was not her pain or emotional state and that she was empathic, clairsentient and could sense other’s pain or emotion. Annemiek also had glimpses of future and past experiences. Sheryl shares with Annemiek that she, indeed, became aware of the laws of energy and how her own body was like a radio receiver picking up much information given off by people, places and events. This ultimately led her to discover her gifts as an intuitive healer and medium. Annemiek enrolled herself in a one year course entitled Energetic Management designed at locating blockages in the body and their underlying causes. She is now a therapist and using all her gifts to help people live in alignment to the needs of their spirit and physical life.

Annemiek and Sheryl go on to describe how they receive messages through vision, sound, touch, feel and taste. These extra-sensory perceptions are known as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairsmellience and clairknowing. Annemiek became aware that the visible body is the first layer surrounded by other layers of our energy or aura. The energy field within and around us can be likened to those Russian nesting dolls where smaller ones rest within the larger body. Scientists refer to the energetic essence or soul as the “etheric double”, but it seems our etheric double has many layers, each concerned with different areas of our physical or spiritual creative forces.

Annemiek had realized she may have been blocking feelings and emotions in her body for a very long time. The body or mind, in order to protect itself from a harmful event, sets up a filter so we don’t think about a repressed memory or pain. As Annemiek began to explore her own feelings and fears, she began to remember she was sexually abused as a young girl, at seven and then at sixteen years old again. Annemiek began to realize there is a big difference between victim behavior such as using or abusing your situation as a victim, as an excuse for your own misbehavior, or not taking responsibility for your own life and making yourself a victim. As a result of these remembrances, Annemiek came to the conclusion that we each have a master plan and the soul chooses the situations it needs to explore certain life themes. Therefore, Annemiek’s sexual abuse was necessary for her later development and understanding of her healing gifts. This helped her to go past the scars and wounds of her sexual abuse. Annemiek discovered you do not have to blame yourself or others. While the attacks were an offense to her being, she could respond with courage and not allow it to dampen her spirit any further.

Annemiek goes on to suggest that within the 21 layers of soul lie the reasons for the people in our life and the situations that we are guided to, each soul layer deals with different emotions and karmic problems that were unresolved in past lives. By clearing them in this life, we go to another level of health, prosperity and a greater understanding of the connection between the invisible and visible worlds. The first three layers are the primary connection to our physical body and life on this planet. Layer One is the structure of the body, organs and the mechanical functions. Clearing blockages at this level or at Layer Two, which is the emotional layer, or even at Layer Three, which is where thoughts reside and where conditioned and limited patterns hold us back from the larger view of our capabilities. Clearing at these levels may offer temporary relief at any physical symptom. At Layer Four, we are make contact with the astral plane, which is where your energy body or soul travels to when you sleep. Layer Five is the blueprint of your soul body. In this layer, there are no emotions, thoughts, or energetic connections. This is known as the etheric causal layer. This layer contains the building plan in its perfect form exactly as your soul has thought it out…the wisest part of yourself your higher self or divine self and how your soul wants to live in this life experience. This does not mean everything is working perfectly in your physical life only that everything is according to your Master Soul Plan. All the levels above Layer Five begin to deal with traumas on a personal level in either this life or a past life. As we go to the upper soul layers, we begin to understand why we might like people the first time we see them or instantly dislike them based on early unpleasant circumstances when a soul was wearing a different cloak. The good thing Annemiek says with many people there is nothing you have to work out with this person right now, but it may trigger some old emotions, thoughts, or fears, alerting you to touch on an old problem which you have conquered and does not belong in your present life. Other layers go on to describe your life plan, interpersonal goals and soul agreements, group goals, and the creation of possibilities- your hearts desires and future manifestations, specific knowledge of pre-worlds and other times, past lives jointly healed through family karma, whether biological, adoptive, by step relation and, or by marriage. A new consciousness may be attained by an entire group dealing with disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, that impact large groups of people. Layer 21, which Sheryl feels, is a level people can reach when they are enlightened souls, even ascended masters know you are one with Source and everyone has a Divine Essence no matter how they behave. You experience love for all that is- exactly how it is.

Annemiek and Sheryl talk about what a light worker is and how they are helping during the major transition to higher consciousness that began in 2012. Many people thought that 2012 would be the physical end of the world, but what it really was, is the beginning of a new age of enlightenment with spiritually elevated human beings transcending and transforming the ordinary life processes to live, work and love as lighter human beings- with one foot in spirit and one on the earth plane. Everything is in the process aimed at a quantum leap in awareness taking place now as higher vibrational energies are being created and coming to us to empower our bodies and spirit to reach greater awareness. The human body must get used to these higher frequency energies that exist all around us. Light workers assist in that process and Annemiek has been told by Spirit workers who work in aura layer 5 or higher, are dealing with this process and helping others. Mediums communicate with entities-spirits or ghosts who are earthbound and the deceased who have left this energy field and give messages…they are known as healing mediums as they help to know and release problems rooted in family issues.

As a Reiki Practitioner, Sheryl recognizes that each Chakra like the 21 Layers of the soul, deal with life issues, karma, and the needs to refine the soul energy eliminating any blockage, trauma or past life experience. Annemiek has an excellent glossary at the end of the book describing many metaphysical terms and energy medicine descriptions. Some of the terms she describes in her glossary are; Bioenergetic (a form of bodywork centering around muscle tension in the body. By performing exercises with the tensed part of your body, the accumulated tension will be release together with the accompanying emotions and the stories behind them. Bodywork is a collective term for a number of therapeutic techniques that work with the physical body in order to resolve blockages in the functioning of a person, which is often linked to having the courage to feel emotions, and Orthomolecular therapist is a therapist who uses orthomolecular food supplements these body-friendly supplements contain the right( ortho) concentration of nutrients on a molecular level and support the body’s self-healing powers and any other word you think people might wish to have more clarity on.

Annemiek gives extensive content in her book on paranormal communication and soul connections. She discusses channeling, Talking to Angels, Guides, Deceased Loved Ones, and Ascended Masters. Most people know these terms, however there might be some confusion and the glossary makes all the terms quite clear. A few ascended masters, among others that were mentioned are; Lady Portia helps with eliminating judgment with forgiveness and finding inner balance. Maha Chohan helps with supporting you to speak from the hearth Kuthumi Support with finding your personal space on Earth and strengthens the connection between the realms of the Angels human beings and Devas, a spirit that belongs to the plant world the spirit guide of a plant or tree.

Sheryl and Annemiek have discussed still another alternative energy modality practiced by Annemiek that seeks to align the energetic soul presence to our human needs and life goals. As in all energy healing modalities, we seek to resolve and remove past concerns, issues, traumas or life limitations by working at the Soul level. All energy healing systems download the guidance and help from Universal Energy. In describing the conditions we might face, Annemiek suggests and Sheryl agrees with her, that conditions like ADHD, fear of the paranormal, obstinacy, depression, abuse, alcoholism, autism, insomnia, addiction, everyday aches and pains, relationship issues, and almost anything people go through looks very different when viewed from the perspective that a soul is simply collecting experiences. Consciousness survives physical death. We are soul beings that transcend time and space. Annemiek writes “Part of the game of life is that souls determine what they have come to do on Earth and which choices they make. You as a human being, the earthly expression of your soul determine a lot of the details by making daily choices and by deciding how you deal with everything you experience. But there are also things that are beyond your control. You don’t exactly understand why or how. But you have to deal with them. That’s life. Everything is written in God’s hands and all you can do is surrender to that great mystical power giving direction to our lives.”