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Your Money Show – More About The Retirement Crisis

Your Money Show talked about The Retirement Crisis and how seniors are forced to live together just to make ends meet. With taxes, rent, and food costs skyrocketing the crisis is only getting worse. Brett talked about food inflation and how much the costs of eggs, pork, and fruit have gone up. With a growing number of plant diseases, there is a growing concern of a food shortage.

As stated in The Retirement Crisis, the cost of food and shelter seem to increase faster than your income.

Money Show also interviewed Patrick Snow who discussed why you should own your own business.

He gave four reasons why working for someone sucks. His solution is to start your own business and be an overnight success. His secret to overnight stardom??? It will take you 3x as long. if you think you can make money in 3 years, Patrick says it will actually take you 9 years. If you think it will cost $10,000 to start your business, it will take $30,000. However hos 3x formula will bring you the rewards.

We also talked about identity paying for medical treatments on credit cards. We tell you which ones to stay away from and where you should borrow from instead.