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Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – All About Divorce: When It’s Time To Hit the Reset Button So You Can Advocate and Choose for YOU

For many men and women divorce is a legitimate and appropriate choice. In my view getting divorced is a process and consists of 3 main elements:

1. Emotional
2. Financial
3. Legal

If you are an emotional mess you won’t be able to advocate for yourself, and make the legal and financial choices and decisions that affirm and esteem you.

My guest today is, Adina Laver, a nationally recognized divorce and relationship expert and the creator of the comprehensive Divorce Companion Guide. Adina’s mission is to support those who are considering divorce, in the midst of divorcing, or are post-divorce AND are committed to a healthy path for reclaiming their lives. Adina sees divorce as a life transition.

There are so many powerful nuggets in this 30-minute conversation regardless of whether divorce is affecting or has affected your life. This 30-minutes is well worth your valuable time. Join me, won’t you?