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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Coded Message In Quabalah Leads Us To Hidden Wisdom

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of her newly released book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love welcomes Glynda-Lee Hoffmann author of The Genesis Code. In this unusual look into the primary story of Genesis, Hoffmann states that the story is really a coded key to the workings of the human brain and by deciphering the hidden interpretation of the Hebrew letters as expressed in Quabalah, we may discover the attributes of the Hebrew letters not as linguistic components but as patterns of energy. 

We will see that when you read Genesis, seeing it as a code not merely a story of creation, every word is a revelation conveying hidden power in the Universe and in Ourselves. If you think the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is about sex and a fall from grace, then Glynda-Lee Hoffmann’s book will open up a new way to revisit a very ancient story of Genesis. Hoffmann says this knowledge was understood by Abraham, Moses and Jesus and many others and it is why they lived transcendent lives looking for that unique place where mind-power and neuroplasticity meet cosmic consciousness, a methodology for our own path to transcendence.

As an energy Reiki Teacher and medium, Sheryl shares in her new book The Living Spirit- Answers to Healing and Infinite Love, stories which prove that when the mind and heart are open to the wisdom and codes of eternal life, a higher consciousness is possible while perceptions and limitations of previous life patterns or beliefs can be discarded and replaced with infinite possibilities for living and loving life and manifesting miracles.

Glynda begins The Genesis Code describing her early days when a voice and mystery began to call to her. Glynda-Lee says “The voice said things are not what they appear to be hinting to me secret opportunities that in the fertile soil of the unmapped territory of my interior landscape, the message that had been planted would ripen and guide me on a shimmering path deeper and deeper into a timeless vault of hidden promises that would one day through the most unlikely source-Genesis reveal secrets about life and our purpose in living it…” Sheryl believes this information as the voice suggested, has the power to transform us not through technology or the outside world but by harnessing our inner potential. With brain science clearing the way to discover the creativity of human awareness, inherent in our neural plasticity and quantum physics revealing that all matter eventually dissolves into energy, we can finally conclude who we are and who we might become with a degree of clarity.

Glynda-Lee describes the original story of Adam and Eve and how the interpretation of that event has painted a picture of women and their relationship to man and how it has influenced all religious doctrines but the code in Qabalah has been the foundation of all cultures since ancient times and will be critical in formulating a new civilization of fully autonomous, self realized human beings able to use their hidden genius to create a future paradise without strife, confusion, destruction and denial. Traditional Christianity interprets Eve as the original sinner and we as women are her descendants and the code of Genesis is the key to freedom from that dismal oppression and a new interpretation allowing for transformation and truth.

Gynda-Lee first discovered who we are and who we are in terms of energy or Genesis by saying; “My ultimate discovery is that at our essence we are angelic creatures attempting to heroically develop those superior qualities, struggling to free ourselves from conditioned thinking which traps us in bondage to rigid and limited concepts of ourselves. We may reconnect with that infinite unknown eternal life that pulsates at the center of the cosmos by recognizing it exists within us…learning to express its expansive and creative qualities through awareness, words and deeds to benefit us personally and collectively.”

As a sensitive child, Glynda-Lee became aware of the hypocrisy of people- people who said one thing and often did the opposite and the fact that boys or men were held in higher esteem by society than women was also a problem. All of us long for acceptance and love and often parents, teachers and friends are either indifferent or aggressive disciplinarians. Children are punished or reprimanded for acts which their free and loving souls don’t know are and connection are almost completely destroyed at a very early. Evolved people operate from the presence of kindness, generosity and love..those who are trustworthy don’t do damage either to themselves or to others. They are careful, tender, safe and humble.

Sheryl wonders “Who might help a child weather the doomed, shallow and vain people who often are around us as we are growing up and who can be a good adult rule model to balance these types of behaviors we too often are exposed to?” She asks Glynda-Lee if she can tell of the mystical experience she had walking home from church one day and how it affected her. Glynda-Lee says she “…arrived at a place where peculiar folks were dressed in loose fitting homespun robes and sandals, rickety carts and donkeys, and men wore full was somehow a scene from Biblical days. I saw large perfectly round rocks piled on top of each other and on the highest stone sat a man resting comfortably and with a mystical smile gazed into my eyes. It was Jesus.” When He touched Glynda-Lee’s hand and held it in His firm grasp, she says she felt a bolt of hot energy shoot through her fingers and spread through her entire body. Glynda-Lee looked into Jesus’ eyes for the first time and in that moment experienced a feeling of a longing for recognition.

In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit, she shares a story of a meditation group she led with several Reiki students. Reiki, as many know, is a form of channeling higher energy and is much like the feeling described in Glynda-Lee’s book when she was touched by the love of one from Spirit. During the meditation that evening, Sheryl felt Jesus crying by her side. Jesus said to the group “I cry for many ills done by unknowing souls just as you and your group cry for the injustice and insensitivity of many.”

Glynda-Lee says the visit with Jesus filled her with an awareness that everyone’s personal history and physical body are gained in the same way. We are all connected originating from the seeds of the original explosion that birthed life into being. We are intricately knitted together through the strands of energy we can’t see or touch or smell or taste, yet which bind us within a marvelous wholeness. Many of us sadly don’t yet realize this. Though we are intricately unified, we’re also individual and uniquely exceptional beings on our own individual journey. Sheryl supports this idea made by Glynda-Lee and as a medium, Sheryl does see, touch and smell the impressions and connections of souls in Spirit who communicate with us as we continue to live and learn in all dimensions of Life. So it is; From Spirit to matter or physical life and from matter back to Spirit.

As a result of that vision and discussion with Jesus and how that relates to “the Christ Consciousness” which may not have anything to do with the religious philosophy of Christianity but a more Universal Spiritual Awareness of Life and Creation, Glynda-Lee writes…. “I instantly understood that Jesus could see opportunity in every crisis, redemption in every disaster. He could see the true depths of human longing, the breathtaking potential hidden in the human brain and the power of love hidden in the human heart…..Jesus loved me unconditionally..He was free of doubt, self-assured in understanding our inherent powers of possibility and intention….I realized to see through eyes such as those that Jesus had developed, the ability to see the full spectrum of possibilities in human consciousness was the most precious gift imaginable. It meant freedom from all the mixed-up institutional ideas, beliefs and assumptions I’d previously been trapped in that limits human vision, diminishes our capacity to love, and destroys hope.”

Glynda-Lee describes her childhood and the absence of her parents as they pursued their own studies and work factors. Sheryl believes this is how most children are being raised today…simply cast adrift to make their own way now even more so than in the past as parents are on their own journey of self-actualization and motivated to financially support the household. There are so many responsibilities on wonder we have lost the ability to remember our divine connections.

Glynda-Lee goes on to explain the degrees of emotional and psychological trauma a young girl experienced in The Genesis Code. Glynda-Lee says it is similar to PTSD: insomnia, irrational fears, severe insecurities, chronic guilt and a complete lack of consciousness concerning the source of her symptoms. “After several years of therapy I learned that emotional trauma and abandonment can be difficult to diagnose and treat because the scars are invisible..Persistent stress no matter the cause is deeply disturbing to the Human psyche.”

Sheryl says “Physically these scars or frights to the body and mind are invisible but remain at the cellular level and are energetic imprints to the energy system, soul and heart which may take forever to heal. Words, criticism, harsh behavior by parents and teachers leave this indelible mark on the inner joyful nature of a child’s being and can even create physical illness as the immune system is beaten down and hope and joy are damaged.

Glynda-Lee talks about a book titled Catching the Light: The Entwined History of Light and Mind by physicist Arthur Zajonc. Many mystics like Black Elk, Krishnamurti and Paramahansa Yoganda have written of the Black Velvet experience which is another opening to higher consciousness or the true nature of energy and eternal life. In a Zajonc state, the color of light is actually black and light bouncing off objects reflect the other colors of the spectrum. In the total blackness, the girl Glynda-Lee mentioned, found herself in, it felt soothing and fertile, imbued with immeasurable vitality and happiness. In the midst of the blackness, a pinpoint of light emerged and grew into the outlined silhouette of a human being and everything was of one energy fully integrated and unified…the silhouette of the person was merely an illusion of SEPARATION..IN reality the lighted figure and the blackness were One.

In connection to the Black Velvet Experience described above, Sheryl mentions several years ago while in a circle of 12 people and in a deep meditation, she may have found herself in that same place. While in meditation, Sheryl asked a question many were concerned with at the time…“What we might expect in 2012 as the Mayans had said there would be a great ending?” Sheryl found herself in this great darkness knowing she was but a single atom of life but yet without her body she still retained the consciousness of her personal being and took this to mean that in the next 1,000 years we will all be on a journey of personal self development as spiritual beings having a physical life and uniting ourselves to our Source and to a more peaceful refined way to interact with each other. In that darkness was a sense of forever. It may have been the Black Velvet experience Glynda-Lee described which is where life began and where we always reside, possibly our home.

Sheryl reads what Glynda-Lee wrote about this socialization process we are all influenced by… “Such groups use FEAR AND HATE to shrink awareness love and connectedness to each other generating separation and dissention. Since culture is the largest community to which we all belong with the constant references to cosmic energy and the patterns of life presented by Kabballah studies, I realized as will you, that the cultural conditioning of my own mind was an accident which had no personal meaning. My thoughts were not my own, any more than my values, attitudes and beliefs. They had all been conditioned, from infancy, by the enormity of influence invested in the dominate culture in which I grew up, carried and preserved…through religious educational and media institutions….certain specific assumptions about life which were completely false, causing all humans under their spell to be psychologically injured.”

In The Living Spirit Sheryl shares ideas, techniques and the stories of others who have discovered the means to move past these cultural conditioning patterns Glynda-Lee just described… to now create and fulfill our destiny and develop our unique spiritual gifts and learn to let go of the false reality,,, the systems of past beliefs. Only then is it possible to know the truth of the spiritual influences which guide us from within, as well as the forces of the outside world, so we may combine this Unified awareness of who we are…. enabling us to make healthier choices, develop better relationships in love rather than fear, also behaviors in alignment with the wisdom and continuous view of Universal knowledge.

Glynda-Lee mentions she finally discovered that as many Native Americans, Taoists, Buddhists, and many others, believe God-energy is literally everywhere and in everything from the countless particles that make up protons and neutrons to the innumerable suns, planets, galaxies of outer space to the myriad amoeba bacteria and viruses that mutated and developed on earth eventually evolving into plants, animals and us.

This scientific approach relates to the Bible or religious interpretations of how life began because science has determined there is no hierarchical God as Creator, no single entity at the top of a pyramid like power structure that controls life. Rather, self-generation and self-organization are built into life at every level from subatomic particles to huge galaxies swirling in space. Life self-gestates its own energy and self-organizes the growth of its forms. God is life and life is light, energy and is formed from all things activated from the fundamental pattern Qabalah revealed to a unification of opposing yet integrated primary elements. This integration of opposing forces is what holds the Universe and everything in it together. This power is thought of as Love for it is affection that attracts the opposites to each other affection based on appreciation. Only through Contrast do the opposites rejoice and come together birthing everything into existence.

Glynda-Lee says In the Qabalic version of Genesis, there is no sin, no punishment, and no devaluing of feminine energy. Sheryl believes after years of doing readings for my clients and downloading the love of Spirit, noticing consistently there is no element of judgment, jealousy, fear or any lower vibration of human mind. Sheryl feels only respect for each person’s necessary choices as they are following their own karmic life plan. If a religion is based on separation from the Unifying Force of Life, then it is not founded in the understanding that life is about joy, equality, wholeness, respect for all genders, nationalities, languages, personalities and preferences. Life must be seen as a process of change, evolution an allowing life on its own terms to flourish, not as Western thought patterns suggest, which is that we control the unwanted qualities or elements of the personality and change it according to the rules and restrictions of society and its rules.

As Glynda-Lee writes, “The more I studied Qabalah and the brain, the more I realized that our intention to grow and expand awareness is a secret source of power within us that taps into life’s generative impulse. Intention is our hidden gestational potential…to become more authentically human, we must tap into a power that is truly immeasurable and most importantly, alive.”

Glynda-Lee Hoffmann and Sheryl have observed once again how our uniqueness and asking questions in reference to history, religion, science, and neuroplasticity or studies of the mind, body and soul lead us forward to discovering the mysteries within our Being and how the entire Universe is indeed within each of us. The possibilities for growth and infinite love and a greater view of ourselves and others is the start to realizing our infinite potential. In The Living Spirit, Sheryl as does Glynda–Lee, addresses the idea that the living energy force whose divine spark resides in the heart of each of us is limitless, eternal and our soul connection to Source. Since the beginning, the infinite love of the One Source of life is there when we think we are alone or yearn for something missing or something we cannot yet describe. In each of us is the hope that we may follow those intuitive sparks of courage that will change our ordinary patterns of behavior and bring us closer to understanding the mysteries of our limitless potential to create wonderful lives.