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Financially Fit for Life

Mark Hudon

Financially Fit for Life – The New Retirementality

For many people a CORE part of being Financially Fit For Life is to arrive at a position in your life where you can comfortably retire and stay comfortably retired.

· However, according to Financial Services ‘Mover and Shaker” Mitch Anthony the traditional model or view on RETIREMENT PLANNING is broken, and has been for some time.

· Join us as we explore a completely different way of looking at RETIREMENT that will dramatically change your perception & your reality of this topic.

· Mitch Anthony is a popular keynote speaker, columnist for Financial Advisor magazine and Journal of Financial Planning, and host of the daily radio feature, The Daily Dose, heard on over 100 radio stations nationwide.

· He is also the author or coauthor of many ground breaking books for advisors and consumers, including perennial bestseller StorySelling for Financial Advisors, The Cash in the Hat, and The New Retirementality.