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Mark Spivak

Quench! – Encore Presentation: Women and Whiskey

Throughout the centuries, the role of women in the whiskey business has
been schizophrenic. Women have primarily taken over distilleries during
emergencies, when men in their families died or went off to war. Despite
the fact that women in positions of leadership performed as well or
better than men, their accomplishments didn’t lead to a situation where
they were promoted any faster—at least, not until the recent
breakthroughs in the area of equal rights. Mark talks with Fred Minnick,
author of Whiskey Women, a fascinating book that traces the role of
women in the liquor business. On Bizarre Beverage News, Mark discusses
the bogus reports of a global wine shortage, and examines yet another
case of trademark infringement: Jack Daniel’s is suing Popcorn Sutton’s
Tennessee White Whiskey for using a square bottle and a similar label.


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