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Marketing Masters: Innovate, Captivate, Convert! – Slay the Three-Headed Dragon

GUEST: Robert Mason

 Rob Mason shares with us his philosophies of business success (1) Our business climate must be omnipresent; (2) Understand that people vote for your business with their dollars; and (3) Winning votes digitally.


Rob Mason is the Owner of Leading Edge Learning Center. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management. Rob has a strong passion for education and investment in the community. As a single father of two and a father of a child with a learning disability, Rob has witnessed firsthand, the tough reality of finding the necessary resources and a supportive community. He saw a vast need and decided to fill the gap. As a result, Leading Edge Learning Center was founded in July of 2004. Since then, he and his dynamic team have been hard at work making Leading Edge the premier community-based academic learning environment. They pride themselves on providing high quality and affordable educational services, which not only enrich lives, but also the community as a whole. Leading Edge is a rapidly growing company that continues to double in size per year. Rob continues to look for new and innovative ways to make a difference.

Current business description

For 10 years, Leading Edge Learning Center has been serving Southern California communities.

Our success and tailored program development has paved the way for growing partnerships and recognition.

  • Our programs and our staff have helped more than 15,000 students.
  • Our nine-year partnership with Riverside County Office of Education includes being:

ü 1 of only 3 providers for the Foster and Group Home Youth

ü The only provider for the RCOE Homeless Tutoring Program

  • In 2013-2014, more than 90 school districts contracted our services.
  • We are applauded at the state-, county, and city levels, and have been awarded the “Best of the Inland Empire” for our math services.
  • In 2012, our experience paved the way for our adult services via The Educational Annex, and our nonprofit 501(c)3, Leading Edge Educational Foundation.

Favorite success quote

People vote with their dollars.

Favorite business book

         Crush It  ~Gary Vaynerchuk

Your most influential person

Magic Johnson because he had a death sentence and refused to bow down. He changed his direction and focused on being successful, when everyone said it couldn’t happen.

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