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Chef Tom Castrigno

Menu for Great Health – Intuitive Eating

How would it be if you could listen to your own intuition and follow your inner guidance when making food choices? Ask yourself, what is your frame of mind towards food? Do you worship food or are you afraid of it? Are you feeling restricted by what others say you are supposed to eat? Maybe even shameful if you find it difficult to follow that advice?

This week we talk with Lisa Turner, chef, teacher, and food writer for magazines such as Self, Yoga Journal, and Delicious Living. She is founder of the company Wholly Bites, and producer of iphone app TheHealthyGourmet. You’ll learn to understand why we have lost touch with the spiritual aspect of the food that nourishes us. Lisa will share a range of ways we can improve our relationship with food and increase our connection with the source of food.

When we have a peaceful relationship with food, our state of mind is able to be more relaxed. From a place of relaxed confidence, we can begin to increase feelings of abundance in other areas of our lives as well. By clearing away the conflicting messages and hearing our own inner voice we can find peace with food.

Tune in to hear how opening the connection to our intuition through present moment awareness can help you have a fantastic relationship with food. As always, you’ll find specific recipes for foods mentioned in the show on the blog, The Confidence Diet.