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Financially Fit for Life

Mark Hudon

Financially Fit for Life – Enhance Your Family’s Financial Security

· A CORE part of being Financially Fit For Life is to ensure financial security for yourself & your family, no matter what happen in your life.

· Unfortunately it’s often the “what happens to us in our lives” that can derail our best intentions, and cause our dreams of financial security to come CRASHING down.

· Our guest today is an expert in helping his clients to “crash test” their lives to avoid any future crisis in the event of illness, disability, retirement, or death.

· His clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of their personal and financial affairs have been looked after in a professional, cost efficient, and caring manner. He is their “go-to-guy”.

· Mark Halpern, is an Insurance Specialist in Life, Income Protection, Retirement, and Estate Planning, and he is widely recognized as the top Living Benefits adviser in Canada

· His enthusiasm, dedication and experience make him an indispensable resource for his clients.