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Marketing Masters: Innovate, Captivate, Convert!

Connie Pheiff

Marketing Masters: Innovate, Captivate, Convert! – Vision Boards, Acts of Kindness, Entrepreneurs for President…Oh My!

GUEST: Steve Gamlin

As Provider of Motivational Firewood™, Steve’s #1 goal is to share himself authentically wherever you see him, whether it’s on-stage in front of 1000 people or in the Captain Crunch aisle at the grocery store.

Three takeaways

1. the importance of SEEing your desired outcomes before you begin

2. surrounding yourself with the right people

3. your greatest marketing tools are your passion and authenticity


Over the past 21 years, Steve has enjoyed life as a radio personality, entrepreneur, entertainer, author and professional speaker. His greatest joy is sharing the lessons he’s learned from life’s many ups and downs (his phoenix rides a pogo stick). Steve lives in New Hampshire with his fiancée Tina and canine co-author Super Teddy Maximus.

Current Business

As a professional speaker and author, I deliver my message as a blend of motivation and humor from the fertile ground between personal and professional goals, understanding that life is an integration of both, not a ‘balance between’ (inspired by Zappos CEO Tony Tsieh).

Memorable Failure

In 2009 I published my first personal development book: “20 to Life (In a Good Way)” using my last $1600 in cash (which was supposed to be that quarter’s estimated tax payment). I neglected to have my editor check the ‘proof’ and wound up having 1000 copies printed…with 8 chapters missing.

How did I feel? Like Hurricane Knucklehead, Category 5.

What did I learn? Surround yourself with the best people, and let them do their jobs!!

Also learned that your biggest failures can be EXCELLENT marketing vehicles. So many people heard about this mistake (I gave away the copies as ‘Limited Edition Samples’) that I got many new followers who wanted to buy the ‘real’ book when I had them reprinted.

Ah-Ha Moment

At the lowest point of my life, 11 years ago I was hitting golf balls at a driving range, in a thunderstorm, under powerlines, barefoot in the wet grass…daring the lightning to hit me. Every ball had the name of something miserable about my life. I even hit all the balls that 2 others left behind when they ran from the storm. When I was done, I could barely lift my arms, and the sun came out. The next day my Life Coach was laughing at me when I shared this, and he asked me two questions:

1. Are you this open and honest about your life with everyone?

2. Have you ever thought of becoming a stand-up comedian or motivational speaker?

Within a year, I was doing both.

Digital Trends

Video: I post to YouTube often, and am about to launch a Vision Board audio training program (both digitally and on CD). I will be using Google Hangouts as educational tools as well.

No matter WHAT technology you use, you MUST be ‘real’ and authentic…the world won’t fall for the ‘Hollywood’ version of you for very long if you’re not genuine.

Favorite success quote

“A candle loses none of its light when it lights another candle.” (Anonymous)

Favorite business book

1. The Go-Giver (Bob Burg and John David Mann)

2. Success Principles (Jack Canfield)

3. People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It (Larry Winget)

Your most influential person

My late grandfather, who was always willing to help anyone who needed it, and left every situation better than he found it.

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