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Talk for Food

Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – New Earth Visionary Sacha Stone

In this time of military conflict, viral epidemics, the importance of a healthy, embraceable vision cannot be understated. Yet, leading opinion shapers deliver to the public a steady dose of just the opposite. Militarized local police forces have become “terrorists” in their quest to find “terrorists” in every nook and cranny. In its stubborn reliance on pharmaceutical responses to biological matters, orthodox medical practices have increasingly become an active part of the Western world’s health problems, instead of its remedy. In spite of an alarming increase in “auto-immune” and neurological diseases, government mandated programs, such as vaccinations, have expanded and intensified.

Has anyone noticed, or taken exception?

Sacha Stone, founder of and, has noticed, and has actively crystalized his exception to the status quo with a comprehensive and inspired vision new possibility that is available to all for the conscious choosing. New Earth Nation involves and incorporates an entire new ethos of community, commerce, education, healing, and restoration.

After a “chance” meeting in France, Adam and Sacha seized a few precious moments to lay out just some of the reasons that a new vision for and by humanity is timely, particularly when we start to recognize the false, indenturing systems and practices that we’ve embraced and unnecessarily suffered through for so long.

This is a conversation you will want to listen to several times, and share with others, because the key to the change that you want in your life, and in our world, is within the grasp of all.