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Jerry Katzman, MD

Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life – Interview Gordon Pedersen M.D. Viruses; Their Cause, Effect,and Potential Treatments

This week Jerry Katzman M.D  interviews Dr.Gordon Pedersen, the nation’s foremost and leading expert on Silver as well as Virologist. Dr. Katzman queries Dr.Pedersen about his ,focus, life and experiences as a Virologist to provide insight on the current Viral crisis around the world and in the U.S.. Dr.Pedersen is not only a clinical researcher with a PHD in Toxicology , but an M.D.Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Rehabilitative Medicine, and Naturapathic medicine He is  certified as a wound care specialist and member of the special operations medical association ( the military’s best) . Together they discuss the mystery, history, controversy and interest involving the many viruses afflicting us today including Ebola, Aids, Sars,Enterovirus,RSV etc to name a few. Dr.Pedersen has published the Silver cure for Malaria and discusses Silver’s future potential role in medicine to eradicate life threatening infectious diseases including Viruses. An informative and helpful interview to bring perspective on the current infectious world crisis.