Spirituality and Philosophy

Adventures Into Reality

Andrew Bartzis

Adventures into Reality – Adventures into Reality

Join Andrew Bartzis in this inaugural interview. With today’s guest, Nathalie, Andrew paints a multidimensional picture of reality as they masterfully weave through subjects such as:

  • Climate change
  • Chem Trails
  • The spiritual technology of our “DNA skin suit”
  • The importance of our dream world
  • Local reality bubbles shared in sovereign unknowingness
  • Medical Industry, Monsanto and the FDA
  • Domination and Control
  • Toxicity at levels, spiritual to physical to technological and so on
  • Ghosts, UFOs and Aliens
  • Ancestral karma
  • Astral Cities (What picture where you referring to, Nat?)
  • Separation of Densities
  • Sovereign Free will vs Tacit Consent, and
  • How to help regain our inherent sovereignty and power working with Spiritual Contract Revocations.

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