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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

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Hope, Healing and WellBeing -Superhealing with Dr. Elaine Ferguson

Elaine R. Ferguson, MD, an Ivy League educated physician, has practiced holistic medicine for over two decades. Her consulting practice, One Health, LLC, is dedicated to empowering patients through educating them about the latest breakthroughs. Her latest book is Superhealing: Engaging Your Mind, Body and Spirit to Create Optimal Health and Well-Being. Dr. Elaine begins by discussing her decision to practice holistic medicine. She says “if we do the right things to and for our bodies, and when we engage the mind, body and spirit appropriately, we will be very healthy.”
Our beliefs have a powerful impact upon our health so Dr. Elaine explains the meaning of the word “Placebo” and how important it is to both research and to well-being. “Superhealing” is defined as “the process of engaging the mind, body and spirit to unleash the truly powerful rejuvenating capacities that ourselves and organs have that normally remain untapped because we’re not creating an environment for their expression.”  The components of superhealing are the things that promote health including being attentive to our thoughts, emotions, and feelings  and taking care of our bodies in terms of how we eat, sleep, move and exercise and our spiritual health, how we engage with our belief of the Divine.
Dr. Elaine also discusses the field of epigenetics and how we have the ability to affect our genes. Research now confirms that our family history is not necessarily our destiny; it’s more important how we live.  The role of spirituality is the foundation of our health.  She defines spirituality as “our relationship with life itself and what we define as the Divine.” Prayer is very important, and is the basis of our spiritual relationship with the Divine. In addition to prayer, some of Dr. Elaine’s other favorite techniques for good health are to make a decision to become healthy, which propels our actions toward health, plus meditation, visualizations, and affirmations.
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