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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – The Gift of Cancer: A Miraculous Journey to Healing with Brenda Michaels and Marsha Mercant

Brenda Michaels  is an inspiring, insightful, and passionate communicator. Through her current work as the syndicated talk-show host of Conscious Talk and The Women’s Hour, as a public speaker, workshop leader, spiritual and emotional coach, anchor writer for Sibyl Magazine, and a member of the Advisory Board for the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation, Brenda’s leadership in raising awareness is a true demonstration of her commitment to living upon this planet as a conscious being.She and her husband Rob Spears, himself a cancer survivor co-host a highly successful daily radio show, Conscious Talk on KKNW out of Seattle, Washington.

Marsha Mercant is a multi-award-winning actor/singer and voice over-artist who has turned her creative passion to writing through her company, Write To Speak LLC. She has edited and co-written several books as well as writing her first play, When You Get There, currently being shopped for production.

In their book, The Gift of Cancer: A Miraculous Journey to Healing, Brenda Michaels and co-author Marsha Mercant provide inspiration and hope to anyone seeking wellbeing, whether suffering from a life-threatening disease or merely desiring to live a better more fulfilling life. It teaches that when we are willing to look deep within and take responsibility for our choices, we have the power to alter the course of our lives in miraculous and unexpected ways. Brenda and Marsha describe how they met, while in Los Angeles at a book launch. Marsha was a co-editor and contributor to that project. Having recently lost her best friend of 45 years to cancer, Marsha was immediately drawn to Brenda and an instantaneous bond between them was sealed.

Brenda Michaels has dealt with cancer, not just once but three times. After the third diagnosis, when she was given a year to live, she paid attention and responded to what her body told her.  Eventually she came to believe that cancer was a gift because the cancer was saving her life in that she was not on the path her soul desired. The disease brought her back to her path and she continues to find gifts in cancer and other life challenges.

Marsha discussed how their book is not just about healing from cancer. We all need to heal our lives in some way. The principles of the book can be applied to any situation. The Gift of Cancer emphasizes mental, physical and spiritual healing.  Brenda described how words have power because the body hears what we think and say.  For example, when you are geared up to fight something attacking you, this creates a stressful situation. Our bodies can’t heal properly when they are too stressed and not peaceful.

Brenda shares some of the things she did to contribute to her healing. including shifting her perspective about what she had heard about cancer. She saw it as a symptom of “dis-ease” within her. She created a dialogue with the cancer. and allowed it to teach her rather than be “an enemy. ” By making peace with the death process, she was able to move through the fear of death and live more fully. She has had incredibly good health since her last diagnosis twenty five years ago. Marsha describes the impact of working on the book with Brenda and how it became life-changing. As she says ” when we tell each other other our stories, we realize how alike we are than we are different.  We are not alone.”