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Astrological Cook

Joan Porte

Astrological Cook – Week Two of Our Pluto Palooza!

Pluto not only brings about change to individuals, it causes generational changes because of its slow, grinding transits through each sign of Zodiac. Today’s show illustrates the profound changes Pluto has made on us in the past century. How did the world react to the Pluto in Leo Generation, better known as the Baby Boomers? What changes is Pluto exacting on us now that it is in Capricorn? Tune in and find out. The United States will soon have a “Pluto Return” as Pluto moves back to where it was when this country was born. Will we look the same when it leaves? Doubtful.

It is important to know where Pluto is in your chart by birth and by transit. Before the New Year, get a better idea of what it has in store for you in 2015 by ordering a yearly outlook chart from me.  My cookbook, Signs of the Tines” makes a great Holiday present. Remember, change and growth requires good fuel!