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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Simplicity In Life By Becoming An Earth Keeper

In today’s episode of” Healing from Within” your host Sheryl Glick welcomes welcome Adam C. Hall author of The Earth Keeper, who will share his real life story about one man’s journey from an Earth Conqueror to an Earth Keeper. Adam is seemingly living the American Dream having business experiences in Real Estate, Finance, Human Innovation, Transpersonal Ecology, Environment and Personal Un- Development. Finding himself miserable and in order to change his life, Adam had to essentially “un-develop” it. Adam will share his authentic revealing story about the inner world of the human psyche and how it is possible to awaken to our own potential for finding the joy in living, loving, and becoming all that might be.

Adam shares with Sheryl a story of how he knew something was greatly missing from his life. He was compelled by circumstances to recognize and release many conventional delusions that were draining the joy from his life such as; a bad marriage, unfulfilling business deals, anger, drinking a general loss of interest in ordinary events a feeling of separation and loneliness, Adam was finally able to open to the priceless treasure that is a living presence within each human heart….the biggest reason for him sharing his story is that it is a perfect mirror for our times. We have entered an era where the economy of the Western world and the ecology of the entire planet are threatened…a dramatic shift is occurring within human consciousness and according to the prophecies of the Hopi, Maya and Inca, nations among others, Humanity will soon undergo a rapid evolution, within one generation, we will see major changes that will affect all future generations. The position we find ourselves in now, is due to two contrasting worldviews- the belief in an angry, jealous and punishing Masculine God who favors those who smite all and the contrasting nurturing Feminine Force who accepts the natural order of things. According to the feminine mystic view, it is the role of humans to maintain harmony and balance on the Earth to sustain all life. We will return to the Feminine Mystic and the way life was before division and duality created the natural order of Unification to be lost.

The foreward to The Earth Keeper is by Alberto Villoldo, a medical anthropologist who crossed paths with Adam in 2005 and saw he was well along his life changing metamorphosis that would bring him from an Earth Conqueror to Earth Keeper. Villoldo shares these teachings of the Earth Keepers honoring the sacred feminine within us all as we all have both male and female energies and when balanced function at our highest level of potential. These ideals were hidden by European conquerors and the male dominated punishing religious systems put all their effort and resources to bury beliefs and practices not sanctioned by their Church or in essence the feminine mystic viewpoint. The fear of the creative and expansive nature of the Universe and its mysteries could not be silenced by force or religious conversion. Villoldo later met Don Antonio, the last of the Laika, an ancient society of shaman priests who lived in the Andes and the Amazon and shared The Four Insights which dominate human thinking.

The four insights, and more, that Adam discovered as a result of working with other Earth Keepers are;

  1. Dog Eat Dog Adam was fully entrenched in the quality of consciousness that lays waste to the world. Adam believed in the Survival of the Fittest and was determined to be among the winners in life.
  2. Going For Broke Adam discovered a new truth spurred on by a series of synchronistic encounters with angels, humans, and otherwise read spiritual insights, took yoga classes, began meditating regularly, saw various types of unorthodox healers, also known as Alternative Healers, and exerted himself in a multitude of ways that had once seemed alien and ludicrous to him…he peeled away the layers of defenses that had left him somewhat callous, cold hearted, driven and frantic. Adam was searching for new meaning in his life.
  3. Dying to Be Happy In a very real sense Adam had to die to a way of life that many are dying to live and that some would even kill for. Adam stripped away his fictitious identity and the more honest he was with himself, the more willing he became to take responsibility for the pain and suffering he experienced personally and which he inflicted on others.
  4. Bridging the Gap Adam, a former predator turned to peace and love and is now a dedicated Earth Keeper sworn to protect wild nature and humanity, recognizing the need to preserve what is left of our wild spaces, clean air, and to inspire a sense of the sacred outside fabricated places of worship…a respect and awareness of the inner spark of divinity we each possess is our personal connection to understanding Nature in its pristine state and is our connection to Reality. We can witness Universal Life Principles at work on Earth and without this reference to natural life, we are lost in a dysfunctional busy world of our own ego-based unenlightened illusion. Adam chose to devout his time and business skills to create a plan that united developers and conservationists to aid the planet.
  5. Hero’s Journey Adam discovered we each have it within us to realize our greater destiny and awaken..then we surpass our view of what the “Good Life” or “American Dream” looks like and can find the source of our personal power, prosperity and happiness. We can then see through the fantasies of our identities and pierce the illusion of lack and dependency that has fueled our dysfunctional behaviors and fears.

An Earth Keeper has a new experience to give back to the world using their talents and awareness of the true nature of healing and life gathering groups dedicated to preserving the natural order of life and nature, undeveloped for future generations..this is necessary to maintain the ecological balance of earth and as evolving conscious humans to teach us personal responsibility

Reweaving the Fabric of Reality In this time of Great Awakening, we are becoming aware that we participate with the Divine in the co-creation of our Universe and that all of life is to be honored and valued. An Earth Keeper has a new experience to give back to the world using their talents and awareness of the true nature of healing and life gathering groups dedicated to preserving the natural order of life and nature, undeveloped for future generations..this is necessary to maintain the ecological balance of earth and as evolving conscious humans to teach us personal responsibility.

In asking Adam to tell a story that impacted amazing immense positive changes in his business and personal life, Adam relates this story. One day he was talking on cell phone closing a real estate deal and almost hit a stray dog. Popping tums for his distressed stomach issues, thinking about the serious issues he had with his wife and three draughts, flaring up regularly with anger at friends and foes. He was not a nice man and secretly discontented with life. Adam realized he couldn’t and wouldn’t continue this life of dysfunction and the resistance to his own inner needs. Perhaps it was his soul wishing to be acknowledged and to begin on the road towards fulfilling his own life destiny with more purpose.

Sheryl relates to Adam that at about the same age, she had her own soul awakening and realized her heart hurt. Not physically, but energetically. Sheryl had established a life in keeping with the paradigms of American success and had what most people would deem to be an ideal life identity. However, when she began to peel away the layers of her own illusionary lifestyle, her journey led her to Greece, Spain, Italy, and England to study with International Medium Robert Brown and to study hands on healing or Reiki, a Japanese healing system, and to develop her intuitive the author of Life Is No Coincidence: The Life and Afterlife Connection and her new book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, Sheryl like Adam, had shed her old persona and to those who knew her way back then she is indeed quite a different person.

Change is part of our human life and evolution of the species. When embraced the possibilities for greater love peace and balance are in your favor..when resisted much time is lost and suffering needlessly is encouraged. We advise to embrace all change as the way to greater awareness progress and the fulfillment of each person’s unique destiny and life plan.

Adam also, upon reflection, began to remember his core beliefs, and they were really simple. They included fostering relationships, trust, Respect, and valuing people, and honesty, Integrity, fairness and ethics all mattered.

One Adam’s journey, he began to be aware of coincidences, synchronicities, and a higher form of guidance. He found a book and the word NOW caught his attention..part of a title, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, which helped Adam understand the many changes happening within and around him. It gave Adam hope that he could be free of his obsession with past betrayals and potential fears, and that there was another way to live . Adam began yoga and meditation and began to realize that his wife was a victim blaming him for all her problems and he was a victim too. Then he said something which in one way or another, Sheryl tries to share in every show. Adam realized the innocence of children should be protected and there should be a Children’s Bill of Rights guaranteeing their right to express themselves. Each living entity no matter what age has a soul remembrance and awareness at the subconscious level and the opinions and judgment of others destroys their very valuable intuitive sense leading often to negative actions and emotions loaded with fear worry anger and loss. The spark of “The Living Spirit”, which is the title of Sheryl’s new book is often damaged and it can take many years of doubt and recrimination before the soul is reclaimed and made Whole.

In a book that Adam read, which had many implications for spiritual awakening was The Sacred Path. There was a question that hit him on the first page….”What is a medicine walk?” Adam read, “Medicine is anything that will aid the seeker in feeling more connected and harmonious with nature and all life-forms. Anything that is healing to the body, mind, and or spirit is Medicine. Medicine for personal problems could be found in nature and observing signs that would assist in healing and wisdom. All illness is not necessarily physical it could be mental, psychological or spiritual…”

Then the term “The Medicine Wheel” came up. It showed a picture of 12 stones in a circle and the words cycles and movements, and a diagram showing the Four Directions as major points on the circle- south, west, north and east. Each of the 4 directions represented one of the 4 elements-fire, water, earth and air that also embodied significant characteristics of one’s journey through life. Adam realized this was a map of inner journeys.

In that book, two things stood out also…The Red Road was the world of living things of physical life and The Blue Road represented non-physical beings of the spiritual world. Adam goes on to describing the Red Road as it relates to the nature of change and how it swings back and forth between heaven and hell and how he came to understand the traumas and fears of his early life. Adam tells us of the experiences that molded his thoughts on love and death in which limited his ability to accept change. When he was young and driving in the car with his father, he saw a dead man on the side of the road. Another time he saw a terrible car crash and an entire family lying on the road, dead. Adam had a girlfriend, Julie, who he took to a prom and a few days later died in a car accident. Adam relates as a boy playing with his friends, his leg went on fire and had a long recovery time. It wasn’t because life is inherently so frightful, but that undergoing terrifying experiences when one is young and impressionable, may lead to unreasonable negativity and fear and a feeling that life is half heaven and half hell. So, the question becomes, “Is life really good or just a series of challenges?”

Such early experiences and feelings about death paralyzed and prevented Adam’s true state of happiness. Adam saw that his experiences with death or mortality terrified him because he saw death only in terms of the visible physical aspects…death as an end. His attitudes about dead were that it was a tragedy rather than a natural part of nature. However, if consciousness goes on without the body, like it does in dreams, does death even exist. This shift allowed Adam to know that Julie had died at the right time and there is Spirit watching over us ..she is part of that. All things are exactly as they should be.

Meditation on a consistent basis helped Adam deal with the death of his old way of life, death, marriage and career. Adam began to realize from an adult viewpoint that often love had conditions so conditional love meant to enforce boundaries, make the rules and punish transgressions. He saw these dynamics in his parent’s lifestyle. His mother was the bad cop and his father, who seemed to lay back and adjust to the ever changing ebb and flow of life was the good cop…Good Cop vs Bad Cop- it seems that most families and relationships play out a similar version of this unrefined view of love.

As Adam became more aware and conscious he began to hear spiritual guidance or became clairaudient. He heard, “I’m here with you now to show you the way.” Torn between hope and doubt, was it angels or spirit guides? Or Universal Source? After all the separation, how was Adam to reconnect to nature and all life forms and to his own inner intuition and soul wisdom? It seemed Unconditional love for life and others was the only way.

Adam tells of his further growth and a new understanding of death in regard to Bill, his girlfriend Amy’s brother, and how it helped him realize he was not really gone. At his funeral, in Adam’s mind’s eyes he saw Bill’s face as calm and accepting and alone by Lake Windermere in England he felt the life of him alive and well in spite of his recent death. Sheryl says, as an intuitive medium, she knows consciousness and the essence of our soul survive physical death. As eternal energy beings, we known death is not the end but the beginning of something new, creative, expansive and wonderful and we are still connected to our loved ones on Earth and their energy, guidance, and love can be felt and known by us if we only allow ourselves to open our minds and our hearts and raise our vibration so we can make these connections.

Sheryl says in her new book “The Living Spirit- Answers for Healing and Infinite Love”, “I share proof of this reality by giving messages of love and continued life in the information souls give to me to show their relatives facts I could not know… which are intimate and show their connection in love to those who mourn them.”.

I quote from The Earth Keeper, “In my mind I heard, What is love? Adam You are love… I can see now that an out of control ego with an unbalanced masculine feminine qualities would no longer be acceptable and understanding how past life patterns can transfer over Lifetimes I realize the need for greater appreciation of my own challenges, demons, mixed emotions and the need to develop acceptance and allowance for all souls to pursue their own sense of healing and growth.”

Sheryl is delighted to share with Adam many coincidences and synchronicity in her own evolution and awakening and has observed in Adam’s story how one man was made aware of the restrictions and emotional debris of his early life, his fears, his past life traumas and his beginning awareness that there is more to life and love than he was allowing himself to be part of. In the journey to self-awareness and self-actualization we may all find a connection of our inner energy or soul wisdom and reach out to others showing us we are not alone, we have spiritual assistance in the form of guides and loved ones, and can co-create the story of our lives through change, action, and the persistent need to ask questions and truly listen “within” to the answers that are there for us. It takes courage faith and trust in the bigger plan of Universal Source for us to take advantage of the opportunities that arise out of our biggest challenges or failures. In becoming an Earthkeeper as Adam did take advantage of establishing new perceptions as did Sheryl in becoming an intuitive healer/medium . Adam and Sheryl now value life and being of service to others and have found peace and a joyful appreciation of nature, work, and love. We ask our listeners to see themselves in the light of new possibilities for happiness and leave the pain or suffering behind…Choose love and hope, and life will surely follow that choice.