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The Truth About Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy: Introducing Spiritual Mind Management

W. Dennis Parker

The Truth About Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy: Introducing Spiritual Mind Management – The Benefits of Utilizing Our “Intelligence” our “Spirits Mind” and Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy to Manage our Spirits Mind, to Desensitize the Imagination, Alter the Perceptions of our Memories, and Collapse Old Unwanted Negative Emotions making Positive Behavioral Changes not only Possible, but easy and Immediate.

Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy has been developed by W. Dennis Parker.  It  begins with realizing that we control our brains with our “spirit mind” or “inner Intelligence” rather than just our brains controlling us through a complicated neurological system. We each have this inner Intelligence and can learn to feel it moving freely within our minds. We can learn to recognize where inside our minds this Intelligence is active at any given moment, and we can learn to move this Intelligence intentionally, at our direction.

Because our spiritual minds operate our conscious outward observations in a different place from our imagination and store our memories in a different place from our emotions, we think and feel differently as we move our inner Intelligences from place to place. Knowing how to access these various parts of our minds allows us to change our perceptions of past experiences and to correct our imagined versions of past events. We are then able learn how to both detach and then resolve negative emotions and collapse unwanted feelings that literally no longer exist. In fact, we change unwanted behaviors at beyond the speed of light— we do it at the speed of thought.

Our emotions drive our behaviors because we tend to behave the way we feel.  Where do these powerful emotions come from?  Each of us has as part of our inner spiritual being Intelligence within our spiritual mind that guides our thoughts and directs our brains, then out brain directs our body.  It moves from place to place in our spiritual mind. It moves from consciousness which is outward observation, learning, focus and choice, to our subconscious imagination where amplification of any thought, belief, or idea can be enlightened and expanded.

Then to searching our memories to justify with validating data the thoughts and beliefs we have already accepted as truth. When our Intelligence in is consciousness you are not in your subconscious functions of imaginations, memories, or emotions.   It is as though they do not exist.

When a thought/ belief/ idea is allowed subconscious access the degree to which we amplify it in our imagination plus the frequency with which we recall data from our memories to justify and validate the accepted belief yields the level of emotional content that we feel and call our emotions. The amount of emotions we feel drives the extent of our behaviors.

Dennis is a noted Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the American Council of Hypnotist Examinerssince 1991. (CHT 191-219).    He is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist Examiner, Instructor, and Approved School Operator.  Dennis owns and operates “Certified Hypnotherapy Training School” in Farmington, Utah.  CHTS trains students in hypnosis, self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and unique, proprietary, “Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy” protocols, to be Certified Hypnotherapists and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. (A.C.H.E.)   CHTS is a Postsecondary Proprietary School of Hypnotherapy in the State of Utah, registered and bonded with the Department of Commerce.   A.C.H.E Hypnotherapist Certificates are recognized and accepted throughout the United States, and in over 20 countries.  Hypnotherapy is a non-licensed, certifying profession.