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In this episode, we have a special guest William Craig, after being shot in the head and now bound to a wheelchair, his creative gifting erupted. William is a creative writer and inspirational poet. He will be sharing some of his most famous poems like:
Gift – Inspired after his daughter was born yet he was never expected to have children after getting paralaized.
Ageless – Inspired after William got the revelation that God is the author and creator of time and he can modify it anyway he chooses
Pebble – Inspired after realizing there lies opportunity in every disability.

Guest Bio: William Craig

William Craig is a gifted creative writer, and inspirational poet. He was shot in the head, the victim of a drive-by shooting. He has not allowed the traumatic injury to stop him from reaching his purposeful destination. Overcoming challenges of being limited, he has defied the doctors and his critics by learning other languages having a beautiful daughter, and movement was restored to his right leg and vision to his left eye. Using a memory strategy he developed using poetry and lyric, enabled him to take advantage of all three memory vehicles seeing, saying/singing, and hearing. He used this technique, to learn Spanish and French by translating his poetry/songs and singing to himself and others. He gives all credit for his miraculous recovery to his Lord and Savior, who obviously thought 11 minutes of death, was a sufficient amount of time before returning William back to his Earth Suit to complete his assignment. William Craig now, is a community activist.

You can contact William at OR (310) 906-6114. Or visit William Craig’s Website =