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Menu For Great Health – No More Food Fights

Shoppers in the grocery aisles are questioning more and more where the food they are purchasing is coming from, how it was grown or produced, and in some cases, were the animals used raised healthfully and compassionately.  They’re asking what it means if something is labeled organic?  Why is some milk marketed as hormone free?  Farmers, who produce the food, often take offense at the consumer scrutiny and questions.

There’s no need to have food fights in the grocery aisles. “No More Food Fights” provides a fresh look at some of the dilemmas food buyers and farmers both face.

Whether it’s animal welfare, biotechnology, food safety, or the benefits of eating organic, No More Food Fights! encourages a civil discourse rather than heated arguments.  The conversation becomes rather lopsided and self-serving – causing the plate to go off kilter if it’s about farm versus food.

This week we talk with Michele Payn-Knoper, one of North America’s leading farm and food advocates. She has helped thousands of people in agricultural, dietetic, and food audiences connect the farm gate to the food plate through her website

Tune in as we discuss the four points to help you make decisions about your food choices that you can feel good about. As always, you’ll find lots of recipes, healthy eating, and cooking tips on Chef Tom’s blog, The Confidence Diet.