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The Truth About Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy: Introducing Spiritual Mind Management

W. Dennis Parker

The Truth About Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy: Introducing Spiritual Mind Management – Pornography – Utilization of Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy to Overcome the Negative Effects of Pornographic Involvement – “The Lighted Candle Society” after Fifty Years of Assisting People To Come Out Of The Grip Of Pornography Endorses “Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy” As The Best Therapy Methods and Protocols

Dennis discusses with John Harmer, the Chairman of “The Lighted Candle Society” the effects of pornography on individual, families, and the nation.


For more than fifty years as an attorney, an elected public official, and as Chairman of The Lighted Candle Society I have been actively involved in the battle against pornography.  I am frequently asked to recommend to parents and ecclesiastical leaders a therapist that I am confident could assist a loved one who has become involved with pornography, become free of its influence and effects. I know many therapists who are well trained and extremely competent.  Dennis Parker is the only therapist that I know that has consistently been able to teach a victim of dependency upon sexually explicit materials new mental skills, as tools, that work consistently to desensitize the temptations to be involved in such things.  The most important result of Dennis Parker’s therapy is his ability to train the victim on how to utilize Spiritual Mind Management Hypnotherapy techniques to overcome the temptation to return to involvement with obscenity.

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