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Lift Like A Girl

Nia Shanks

Lift Like A Girl – Alan Aragon, Unplugged. Exposing the Truth about Controversial Topics

Alan Aragon, author of The Lean Muscle Diet, joins Nia in this information-packed episode where he discusses the importance of research and real world experience.

Other topics covered include popular hot button issues: the truth about organic food, sugar, dairy, grains, and polyunsaturated fats. Alan and Nia also discuss what nutrition guidelines you must follow if you want to lose fat, build muscle, or just improve your quality of life. Alan also reveals why moderation is so important and valuable when it comes to your diet and the “secret” to being able to stick to a diet long-term. Do NOT miss this episode!

Get more awesome stuff from Alan on his website and the Alan Aragon Research Review. For more by Nia and to join the Lift Like a Girl Revolution, go to her website.