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Divorce: Unmasked

Ann Cerney, LCPC, MS

Divorce: Unmasked – Collaborative Divorce Is it for everyone? Learn more about the differences between Collaborative Divorce and Litigation, and how mediation fits into the field.

Sandra Crawford is a family law attorney, who has practiced in Chicago for 25 years. Sandra specializes in divorce, and although she is a skilled litigation attorney, she has been a champion of Collaborative Divorce in the state of Illinois. Since the movement began in 2002, Sandra has worked with 100+ families and interdisciplinary teams to resolve the issues in their divorce without court intervention. Sandra values “sustainable” solutions for her clients and their families, those that can really take a family into the future. She embraces a communication style that inspires people to move beyond impasse. She believes that knowledge is power, and works to ensure that her clients understand their options and make informed choices.