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Awakening Paradigms – Acknowledging the Difference Between Overcoming Pain and Suffering: The Consciousness of Self-Empowerment through Resiliency Awareness with Special Guest Sandy Rozelman

On the next self-empowering episode of Awakening Paradigms, the topic of main focus will shift towards the realization of Chronic Pain. Furthermore, its significance – as far as how it is widely and commonly perceived – will be analyzed in depth. And by the completion of this show, the listener will possess an improved understanding to the overall dynamics related to its symptomology, its root causes, the cycles of pain, and in how we, as human beings, can be better able to overcoming the very essence of Chronic Pain by embodying the Consciousness of Resilience. Special Guest for tonight’s show, of whom will complement the importance of this eye-opening broadcast, will be motivational speaker, wellness coach, and inspiration, Sandy Rozelman, Author of her newly released book – entitled – Chronic Pain Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Shift Your Perception of Pain (A Self-Healing Guide).

GUEST: Sandy Rozelman
WEBSITE: www.breakingthecycleofpain.com
BOOK: Chronic Pain Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Shift Your Perception of Pain

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ALBUM: Recycled