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Awakening Paradigms – Walking into the Esoteric World of Wonder: The Hidden Knowledge of Ancient Civilizations and in the Withholding of Biblical Truths with Special Guest June Lundgren (Part Two)

On the next eye-opening broadcast of Awakening Paradigms, the unknown truths concerning the existence of Atlantis will be revealed to you in tandem with “The Lost Years of Christ.” In how these two seemingly different topics are spoken about in the same discussion will intrigue you, the listener, in so many ways. Atlantis and in the societal withholding of Biblical Truths are just some of the more thought-provoking topics intuitively discussed from within the pages of the book – A Medium’s Guide to the Paranormal written by inspiring and returning special guest to the show – June Lundren. June is a psychic medium, nurse, healer and an author. June helps people in resolving issues from past lives from which have caused problems in this life. As a spiritual healer, she is a conduit for God’s light. June Lundgren’s medical background additionally helps her to pinpointing the causes of many of her client’s pain, inflammation, and disease. If you are a seeker of truths, this endearing and inspiring conversation will further open the doorways to heightening levels of evolving Consciousness.

GUEST: June Lundgren
WEBSITE: www.mysticconnections.org
BOOK: A Medium’s Guide to the Paranormal

ARTIST: Hans Gruber
TRACK: Jah Lion
ALBUM: Recycled