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Lift Like A Girl

Nia Shanks

Lift Like A Girl -Break Free from Disordered and Binge Eating Habits

Many women struggle with disordered, obsessive eating habits and binge eating. This can often be the result of dieting or can occur when trying to make better health and fitness choices. In fact, a survey from 2008 of American women between ages 25-45 suggested that a whopping 65% had behavioral issues regarding food intake.

Because this is such a common issue, it’s time we discuss it in detail along with what can be done to break free. Nia is joined by Georgie Fear, a registered dietitan and nutriton coach, in this episode where they discuss their personal experiences and reveal how YOU can break free from disordered and binge eating habits.

You can find Georgie on her web site and Facebook page. For more by Nia go to her web site.

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