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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Scientist/Spiritual Seeker – One in the Same

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.

Special Guest: Dr. Anders Nilsson

In today’s episode of Healing from Within, your host, Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, offers insights for a clearer awareness of our dual life force-our inner energetic being and our physical presence. Sheryl welcomes Dr. Anders Nilsson a renowned physics and chemistry researcher at Stanford University and a spiritual teacher and author of The Gentle Way of the Heart: Discover the Light Within who brings a scientists approach to the path to transforming one’s self and becoming more awakened in the present moment.

Dr. Nilsson was born in Stockholm Sweden and finished his Master of Engineering degree at the Royal Institute of Technology and received his PhD in Physics from Uppsala University and taught there, eventually being invited to UC Berkeley and in 2000 he became Professor of Photon Science at Stanford University. Currently he is a professor of Chemical Physics at Stockholm University and splits his time between Sweden and California and discusses how it is possible to merge science and spirituality to offer a more accurate view of our physical lives and the world of energy to explain Who we Are. Where we come from and to more accurately observe human nature and the Universal force of Evolution in a more gentle and loving way.

In 1993 Nilsson experienced a spiritual awakening that completely changed his life and view of the world.. This awakening was a result of an emotionally difficult life passage that led him to intense soul-searching and ultimately to develop the Gentle Way of Transformation. He has studied both ancient mystical traditions and the teachings from more contemporary spiritual masters and blends spiritual knowledge together with his scientific background to form a unique path to spiritual awakening that combines the mind and heart.

Dr. Nilsson is a pre-eminent scientist. Sheryl knows how a scientist came to embrace spiritual thinking and how he reconciled the spiritual world with the scientific one as did Sheryl who considered herself to be a practical and scientifically motivated individual for most of her adult life . Sheryl says, after developing as an intuitive energy practitioner/medium who embraced the left and right brain energy of her being and the male and female energy of our physicality with our creative intuition and her fact seeking logical scientific orientation she was able to understand the duality of our mind based ego or as Dr. Nilsson calls it the False Self to discover the inner essence of soul life or True Self and to understand the dual nature of our spiritual and physical life force.

Anders goes on to share his awareness of reconciling the spiritual world with the scientific one. His subtitle says “Discover the light within.” There is something “within” that transcends the inner world of thoughts and emotions and the outer world of the senses and when your true self is present to experience the inner and outer worlds simultaneously being alive is enjoyable and the real you “I am” has no judgment about daily occurrences only acceptance and forgiveness. We find the light within when we are in acceptance of ourselves and others and no barrier exists and then we can be connected to the Divine truly experiencing unconditional love and showing beauty kindness and goodness to the world.…there is no beginning or end of the light. It has always existed and will always exist. The light is beyond what you think of as time and space or a physical life. It is the eternal nature of the soul and eternal life.

Think of your true self as a drop of water that exists in the ocean of the divine and that the water molecules are all identical and cannot be separated from the infinite…. And the drops are connected to everything as are we as energy beings having a physical life. The existence of the outer and inner world becomes the vehicle for our true self to know feel and experience itself. And the light within is your true self essence or soul eternal being.

Dr. Anders Nilsson go on to describe that the light is the gentle way that speaks to your heart and allows your true self in the present moment through your impressions of the world and your responses in your inner world. You learn to allow worries and fears of the past or future to float by consciously watching them and realize your true self exists in the present moment not in the future or in the past. Your true self or inner light also knows you don’t need to be perfect but are simply on a journey of self-discovery and a greater appreciation for life.

Your true self knows that we are an expression of love from the divine. The light is soft and gentle, an embodiment of acceptance and an image of our true self that radiated a feeling of pure love for ourselves and everything else that exists.

Sheryl wonders if Anders has ever considered this light from a scientific paradigm and if it is purely subjective or does he perceive it having an objective existence as well. Anders says the single most important message of The Gentle Way of the Heart is that we love ourselves and others in unity every moment of the day. As we gently accept others we perceive the truth from many viewpoints bringing an understanding that everyone’s life is different and everyone has different conditioning or childhood and cultural programming. We can then with an open heart strive to connect with others with the warmth inside and operate with synchronicity and oneness as if we are all part of the same organism, all branches and leaves on the same tree of life… As we look for answers from within for understanding the outside world of possibilities and challenges we can learn to stay focused to the light in our heart, resolve deep-rooted fears, allow love to flow again and again, and become one and the same with the Divine.

In realizing how we may personally arrive at achieving the best within ourselves through loving ourselves and others and seeing the oneness or connection to each other we may come to know the possibilities for peace harmony and balance in the world community that lie beyond our fears and aggression and our false sense of viewing the world only according to our ego or physical life. For it is only in our inner life, our real reality, that we may find peace.

Many of us may come to realize that the forces in power in the world represent many false selves. The best attribute for transformation of the world to a peaceful world is forgiveness not from weakness but from strength. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are examples of leaders who transformed countries through forgiveness showing the way by responding to aggression with non-violence and cooperation.

What is new is that like many other scientists who understand the nature of energy and the need for people to access their greatest human qualities: their compassionate nature or heart essence, Dr Anders Nilsson suggests a need to merge both spirituality religion and science to connect the pieces and find answers to the many questions that have been asked since the beginning of time. Who are we and where did life originate? Though this is not new he suggests….

“In practicing “Beingness” without worries of the past or present we access our true state of life and living which is aligned to Universal Source and creativity and may function in a state of peace acceptance and surrendering to any condition of the human reality as we access another reality—ONE OF The Highest States Of Consciousness: Eternal Energetic Soul Life. He also suggests fear is a thing of the past and past conditioning patterns while Love is the treasure “within” and the way to an expanded awareness of our true self of the light within.”

Sheryl wonders if Anders’ message is the same or different from the major religions such as Christianity Judaism Islam or Buddhism? Anders responds that all religions stress to love oneself and love your neighbors as you love yourself. In other words acceptance and giving service to people animals and allowing the creative expression of Self through creating beauty in the arts music writing drawing design architecture is the drive the soul experiences and that the highest level of service is giving without expectation. Our true self or soul shares our divine origin with all others through the light within. The common light has the goal of acceptance and growth where we evolve together manifesting more love.

Anders Way of the Gentle Heart would suggest… “When your fellow being shows aggression or negative behavior be aware that they are identified with their false self not true inner divine self. Connecting false self to false self leads to escalation of pain and fear while connecting true self to true self leads to more love and less aggression. When you move past emotions of the past or anxieties about the future you move in unison with all of existence and in such a moment radiate peacefulness gentleness compassion and wisdom and you spread joy to the surrounding world by being deeply connected to the Divine…that is the way of the true self knowing it is part of the divine spark of creation and eternal Source…religions suggest the rules but only the heart and an intimate personal connection by alignment to the true reality of our Inner and Eternal life force allows us to feel and know who we are where we came from and that Consciousness of I Am True soul Self which must recognize and transform this false self and reality of the physical world.”

In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, she also tries to share through the messages received in meditation for her clients before a healing session that their loved ones in Spirit, now energetic souls, are still connected to them and that an awareness of ourselves…. as energetic beings having a physical life frees us from so many fears of the physical world allowing us to live life more boldly accepting all experiences as the way we may remember the fullness of all life here and beyond. By incorporating this truth of our dual nature along with the knowledge that “consciousness survives physical death” and everything that happens is part of our transformation process to discover our inner Being or Soul Presence…this means we will not waste time or valuable energy on the illusions and false beliefs that surface from within our mind based ego which seek to limit our joy.

Sheryl wrote…. “Along the way we will have experiences we may perceive as negative: divorce, loss of love or friendship, painful confrontations or betrayal in professional or family situations and illness. The important thing to understand is that while any of these events may seem difficult in the present moment, once you understand that even our most challenging experiences are opportunities for spiritual expansion, you will experience an enormous shift in awareness and as you go through the process there are methods and tools that can help you achieve a strong body, peaceful mind, and joyful heart.”

It becomes evident once again that we are all born with the spiritual gifts we need to maneuver and thrive in a physical world of opportunities for rediscovering our true human and more importantly our divine nature. We have discussed transforming fear so we may awaken to the realities of our life and our inner sense and in regard to this Dr. Nilsson wrote:

Fear is showing us where we have made barriers that prevent us from expanding our awareness and love

When we become intimate with and embrace fear in our heart it transforms and becomes our ally

The practice of The Gentle way of the Heart means that we accept the experience of life without judgment and recognize that whatever happens our true self is always okay even if life takes a challenging turn. The goal is not to experience perfection but to surrender to whatever circumstances appear by connecting to the light within and seeing the outside world or false self as an illusionary reality….As we are the light and connected to All we have no need to take anything personally no need to fear but to allow accept and surrender to the beauty of our True Selves and to share goodness and kindness with others.

Dr. Anders Nilsson and Sheryl Glick would wish you to find any and all means and tools to appreciate your inner divine sense of intuition and your personal power to align to Universal Source so you may find the gift of life to be a vehicle for health prosperity ultimate truth wisdom and for love and peace.